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  1. OK, so I did it right away. I have a neighbour, who I d like to be friends with, but, her life is in dangerous overwhelm, with her supporting her daughter, mother, boyfriend, all in severe need from her& with a difficult job as a carer in addition. I figure, she really needs someone to tell her she is loved & appreciated. I wrote on the back, a letter of appreciation. I did something like this is a course, a few years ago, & it freaked the recipient out, so I was careful to reassure her.
    I felt a real warmth, a caring, from my heart, in a way I haven’t usually accessed. I could feel her need, in all she does. And my guess it ll have her in tears, but also give her a boost, & change her focus to something more fun for a while. I enjoyed it, it felt fun, you re right! I also think it will really help her to carry on with a lighter heart so her burdens will also feel less. I ts empowering to think I can support someone in this way.
    Your other instructions are :- don’t stop ! for the rest, I don’t have to be anonymous, so can just say directly. I do always try to acknowledge people- I guess it has to be, by being aware in the moment & saying how the moment touches me. The challenge is to keep awake !

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