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  1. Awesome you answered more questions that will help me clear blocks to helping myself and others on our journey through this life. I have said to myself at times that my creator made life so simple even I can do it, if I listen to the Tall Trees. Thank you, God has sent me many worthy ideas of need for more abundance to me and others , but a bad habit allowing my age and marketing , cause computers and me have language problems.Letting go and your wisdom will the lites come on.

    • Dear Russell,
      Even though I am moving toward the time of 70 winters I too am learning the process of using today’s technology’s to reach people all around the world.
      I also remember the days when this was not possible.
      The important thing to remember is to embrace the new but also maintain your connections to the old plus nature for in the native teachings this is the best way to keep connected to positive mindsets,prosperity and the Maker.
      You and I are Path finders between two worlds.
      Embracing the best of both.
      Just as a knife can cause harm it also enables us to cut our food so that we may eat it easier.
      This is the way power works in the hands of the right person/s they can use power to teach the world how to live with love and purpose.
      As to your age, you are as old as you feel, my wife often says
      “age ain’t nothing but a number”
      Change is inevitable,Growth is optional.
      Ogima Conosemtig (Chief Talltree)

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