2 comments on “4 Ways to Overcome Resistance To Change

  1. <3 TallTrees — Thank you so much for this!! It is OF COURSE Exactly the guidance that I need to hear for where I am RIGHT NOW! Yes, this is exactly IT!! LOL
    I've nearly stepped on three large Snakes in the past three days — No, not dangerous. Very beneficial and we welcome them for mouse control! Two bull snakes and a garter snake. I LIKE Snakes! 🙂
    The message I got from this was Growing, Shedding old skin, Transformation! So it's all confirmation and right on line, Yes?? Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Breyeh,
      Nature is always speaking,Sometimes it just has to get right in front of you to capture your attention.
      Two Bulls, one garter Hmmmm It seems your message may also be about bull headed ness and eliminating unnecessary pests.
      What do you think?
      Many Thoughtful Blessings,
      <3 TallTrees

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