2 comments on “Three Arrows of Power – Day 57 BONUS

  1. Thank you for the invitation. Now is not the time. In the next quarter I have possibly close to a million dollars of equipment to design at work and the challenge of learning Inventor(r) 2020 CAD software.

    The greater challenge will be learning to love myself and my two inner children.

    Do or do not, there is not try.

    • I love Yoda, a compilation of all of our wise ones.
      Bathing,eating properly,exercising,walking in nature,laughing even creating software,and knowing that it will help to change peoples lives for the good can all be loving gestures.
      Just be kind to your thoughts then the the words will begin to form the nurturing life you deserve.
      And if you do that I can promise you that one day you will stop and realize that you do care about life and see that it is worth living.
      Sending you many blessings to fuel love, joy and laughter.
      Ogima Conosemtig ( Chief TallTree)

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