Welcome! How to Live on Purpose is for those searching for the answers to questions such as:

“Is this all there is?”

… “What is my Purpose?”

… and “Why can’t I manifest more … more money, more time, and lightness in my life?”

These questions, and more, are answered by using an Ancient Map called the MEDICINE WHEEL

How to Live on Purpose Logo - Medicine Wheel Today, with the permission of our Elders, we proudly continue the tradition — and, until now, this ancient wisdom was only taught to a given few.

These teachings empower, inspire, and nourish (heal) the Mind, the Body, the Spirit and the Emotions.

Our philosophy is simple: start with Ancient Wisdom and build from there.

So if you’re here to gain the freedom that comes from balancing your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions —

and rediscover the joy and simplicity of the way your life was naturally meant to be …

and if these words are speaking to you, then know that you have come to the RIGHT place.

Having a Clear Purpose in Life has been Revered as the Richest of Rewards

The programs, music and live events offered here are all about living in harmony — both within and without.

… Because without harmony there is chaos, struggle and suffering.

… … Without harmony there is no love, no compassion, and no light to reveal your Path.

“This we know, All Things Are Connected”Chief Seattle

At first glance you may accept that ALL things are connected, but until you realize the deeper implications of HOW they are connected — and how YOU access that connection on an intimate, personal basis — you will find yourself working much harder than necessary (or effective).

The Four Elements … FIRE, WIND, EARTH, WATER


Fire (Ishkode) symbolizes SPIRIT — your direct connection with the Divine Source of your Being. It is the very essence of your unique existence, and this Inner Power is aligned with your Purpose. Walking in grounded, heart-centered awareness, you can literally experience Heaven on Earth because your spiritual awareness is harmonized with your physical reality. From this place, you begin to notice that deep connections are created with others automatically, without effort or pushing, bringing about greater results in all areas of your life in less time and with far less effort. This type of success uplifts all of humanity, and all living beings everywhere.


Wind (Noodin) symbolizes your MIND. Mastering your Mind is the foundation of ALL manifestation — including Money, Time, Health, Relationships … everything! But there’s much more to it than positive thinking, affirmations and visualization: you need to know how to access the limitless power that resides within you … and how to put it to work for you so that your life becomes EASY and JOYFUL! Just like a “Master Archer” you must first learn to quiet the Mind, and you will discover how to consciously command your Three Arrows of Power. You were not sent into this world to be punished, but to PLAY!


Earth (Akii) symbolizes your BODY — the vehicle that encapsulates all cellular information and archives the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences that have brought you to this moment. The Body is the single most important instrument for discerning your overall well-being. And through the body awareness you will develop, you’ll have boundless energy and vitality — which activates a powerful physical presence. The spiritual energy that is channeled through the body is so bright and attractive, it causes people’s heads to turn automatically whenever you enter a room. Every condition needed for your Purpose is drawn to you.


Water symbolizes EMOTION. Water — a life-force in all Beings … Water (Niibish) is Sacred! And causes ALL things to be placed in motion. Emotion = Energy in Motion. It is probably the most misunderstood power and can empower you , or defeat you. Once this power is understood, you will accomplish every objective more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This is the fuel that activates and ignites your vision, bringing it into realization. When Emotions are misunderstood or denied, great harm can come to the flow of energy that supports and sustains you. But with respect and understanding, your Emotions can free you from lack and limitation.

Each program or course will bring you to a new revelation, with the direction necessary to form your success!

But don’t worry, if by chance you start a given course and you find yourself lost and confused … because HERE at How to Live on Purpose we monitor your progress. By using a unique private Members Area, you can ask questions and get answers — PLUS form allies with other participants within the community. This makes your journey colorful and rewarding.

Like the Medicine Wheel, each program harmoniously integrates and naturally leads to another … peeling back the layers to discover What Is True. All roads can lead to Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation!

Our Vision

We are dedicated to giving you the gift of “living in harmony” with all living things.

Whenever you come in contact with us, our products or services in ANY way, may you always receive Love, Light and Energy into your life – and hope for the future.

May you experience love for yourself and others, the light of higher consciousness, and the energy to be, do and have anything your heart desires.

Your commitment to restoring and maintaining balance in your life is a beautiful thing, and we LOVE you for it!

Thank you for purchasing the products that we’ve developed for you, and for sharing your life-transforming experiences and genuine satisfaction with others. Through your generosity,  we continue to live on purpose.

Live on Purpose ... Change the World!

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.comGakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Robert and Terri TallTree



Founders, HowToLiveOnPurpose.com
Creators of the Life Purpose Quest - Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

"Teach us love, compassion and honor ... that we may heal the Earth and heal each other." - Ojibwe

“Please support projects that promote peace, Indigenous rights and a sustainable future for all beings.”


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