Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

Professional Speakers, Native American Storytellers and International Recording ArtistsRobert and Terri TallTree, Founders of

Audiences around the world have been mesmerized by the powerful message and presence of The TallTrees. Nationally renowned speakers and trainers, Robert and Terri have appeared on PBS, the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

Discover your life purpose and experience spiritual transformation through the Native American wisdom they share. Learn how to master your “Three Arrows of Power” to claim your destiny and create the life of your dreams.

Guides and Mentors to Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation, The TallTrees are living proof that miracles happen and dreams come true when you align your Mind, Body and Spirit. Through traditional and contemporary American Indian music and stories, they teach us to respect ourselves, the Earth and all living things.

Few presenters are able to connect as deeply with an audience. The experience lasts a lifetime. If you are planning a conference, telesummit or live event and you want to stimulate the minds and touch the hearts of your participants, you’ve found the right presenters. The TallTrees draw out the passion and purpose of the audience, and share their powerful yet practical insights on personal and professional balance, leadership and renewal.

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In addition to keynotes and performances, The TallTrees offer staff development for educators, student assemblies, and parenting programs. For more information, email the address above.

Robert- TallTree, Founder of
A direct lineal descendent of Black Elk of the Swan Creek Black River Band of  Chippewa Indians Tribe of Michigan, Robert TallTree casts a long shadow. Walking a clear path between the worlds of contemporary America and that of traditional Native American peoples of today,

TallTree brings a fresh voice and clear vision to who we are and what we can choose to become. Having at one time worked his way up through the ranks into a traditional white-collar job, he understands the effects of corporate thinking. The relevance he brings from his own experience and beliefs into the corporate world is pivotal.

Multi-talented and boundlessly energetic, TallTree appears to have found his own balance through numerous outlets, not just as a professional speaker, but in the arts as well. An accomplished flautist, he was nominated for the prestigious Native American Music Awards. Author, business owner, former elected Chief of the Lone Feather Indian Council of Colorado Springs, consultant – TallTree admits he does not perceive what he does as work.

Robert TallTree never faces a single day as though it were an obligation, but rather a privilege. As a child, he learned to appreciate every person he would meet in his lifetime. Perhaps that is why there are few who don’t instantly connect with this compelling and master of wisdom teacher.
Terri TallTree has used her skill in identifying and motivating human potential to create and develop innovative training programs in a wide variety of fields. She was presented a Humanitarian Award for outstanding contributions in developing programs for children with asthma.

During her tenure as CEO and Director of Creative Development, The Spinoza (teddy bear) Company grew from a home based business to a company with 32 employees, an international market, and multi-million dollar sales. Her innovative corporate leadership style lead to her being featured in the book, Who We Could Be At Work by Margaret Lulic, as a role model for corporate leaders interested in incorporating spirit into their work place.

After 25 years in the corporate world, Terri now focuses on empowering people to live with purpose and vision in their professional and personal lives. A singer/songwriter and international recording artist, it’s been said “she has the voice of an angel”; “her voice is a gift which she uses with humility and grace.”

Together, The TallTrees’ have a profound ability to personally connect with you. Their wisdom and humor will inspire and delight you, giving you an experience you will never forget.