Chris Downs (“The Caretaker”)

Ambassador of Natural News and Sustainable Living

Chris Downs, Ambassador of Natural News on and Founder of www.HisFarm.orgLearning the value of relationships in working with animals from a veterinarian, Chris has not only learned to listen to animals, but also how to speak to them in their own form of communication.

Building upon his experiences with animals, he also became attached to the land and learned to enjoy the mechanics and wonder of farming and gardening. His Grandmother and Grandfather taught him the joy of growing your own food.

Starting from scratch and bootstrapping tools and equipment taught him what to purchase that was rebuildable, and what would become lawn art or recycling at the junk yard.

While in the Navy on board submarines, Chris learned how to “See” through all of his senses, and to know when things were not as they should be — a vital skill necessary when already sunk on a ship that required close attention to details.

Chris relates his experience on board the submarine as a complete course in forced permaculture. The “Purpose” of the entity could only be completed by team work and relationships. Men and Machine as one unit on a journey that hopefully would end in the return to the surface.

Now Chris has taken his passion for helping others and living a life in a good, healthy and balanced manner. To heal the earth while growing during his journey to define his purpose and passion has brought him here, to How to Live on Purpose…a community of like-minded people who know that the magic of life is summed up in one word, Love.

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