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18 comments on “Inner Circle Members Area

  1. Russell Wright on Jul 2, 2019 7:59 pm |

    Hi, finnaly able to login, thanks and my purchase of this program was a commitment to my self,see only the real me limitless rest of my journey on earth, and much thanks to the Talltrees.

  2. I’m new to the comment section. I’m on Day 28 of the program. I had a consult session with the Talltrees the other day. It’s taken this long to begin to process that analysis of my situation. I was stricken for a day-and-a-half, maybe a little longer, with which I can only describe as a spiritual terror after the session. I now see in hindsight that that was telling me to pay attention because things/changes are going to start to happen rapidly, at nreakneck speed, and I thank the Talltrees for the perspectives on things that I had never thought about. This program is invaluable. I’ve spent my whole life not knowing who I really was, what was really inside.

    • Dear Gray,
      When ones heart begins to open to see the light that is within, miraculous things begin to unfold as they should, Just be kind to yourself and allow that light to guide your path.

    • Dearest Mni,
      The one thing that you must always realize now is you have always been complete.
      The other thing is to continue to challenge yourself to do things differently exploring new paths will always send you to new destinations.
      There is a saying “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got”.
      All living things will continue to expand this is the natural path of Nature it is only Human beings that continue to fight and believe that this journey must be difficult.
      To believe is to achieve.
      Much Love.
      <3 TallTrees
      You will receive a E-mail soon for the MM-2 please notice that as soon as you activate the link that will be the time when the sequence's/response's will be sent to you each day this cannot be changed.

    • Dear Mni Wacipi Sak – I have just found your comments on this page… as I was on my way thru to the Miracle Mindshift pages. I am now on Day #6. Are you doing that program now? I had not noticed your comments on those pages. I just wanted to say that I was touched by the things that you say here. I hope that all is well for you on your journey. Many of us are walking thru the MMS program together right now. Perhaps you will join us? I hope that all is well for you on your journey. – Waabi bagaki quay

      • Thank you for your kind words. I’m doing well and I’m doing MM 2,0 😊 I’m feeling better than I have in a very long time. My finances are still not where I would like them to be though there will be progress in that area. Opportunity is there in so many areas of my life. Life is abundant .. thank you for reaching out.

  3. I haven’t checked in for a few days. Lots of stuff moving. I’m dealing with someone that is very close to me who has colon cancer. She is due for surgery next Tuesday.
    I’M still doing my affirmations and I know things are shifting though I I am still waiting for that ball to start rolling toward financial freedom. Opportunity has risen I now just need to navigate myself through the process.

    • Dear Mni,
      All beings have the potential of greatness the first step is to align with what feeds your heart and soul then the physical stuff Will follow.
      It is The Way, Oh mano! ( It is so/Let It be so).
      Much Love,
      <3 TallTrees

  4. Much gratitude for all your support and I’m so glad that our paths have crossed. Not listening to the little mind has been more of a challenge than I thought.. each day gets better. Today I was confronted with situation I thought I had healed from. I continue in this sacred manner. My past is an old story and not who I am today.

    • Dear Mni,
      The past is the past and was never meant to last, The future is not here although it is dear, so what can you do?, continue to open up the Present of Now.
      There is His-tory and then their is your story which will you begin to live by?
      Ogima Conosemtig

  5. Today is a good day and I’m looking for all the shifts that happen. I having been dealing with some very personal stuff through this whole month, It has been a challenge though I keep pushing through. It feels better when I move.. have an amazing day today.

    • Dearest Mni,
      Looking forward into the days to come and how the choices of the mind has lead you down many paths you begin to do the things that give your heart, your spirit, your light, a new map to follow.
      This is the way, A way that fills your life with all your heart desires.
      Much love,
      Please remember that any program that you have purchased is yours to experience as many times as necessary and at times have helped many to dig even deeper into their goals and aspiration’s.

    • Mni,
      Life does not need to be difficult it only becomes so when one believes it should be.
      Change what the mind focuses upon can and it will change every thing.
      The mind is a terrible master but can be a awesome servant.
      Much Love,

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