An Introduction to the How To Live On Purpose Programs

Welcome! We are Chief Robert TallTree and Terri Lynn TallTree, the Founders of Robert & Terri Lynn TallTree, Founders of This community was created to help you gain clarity and find greater meaning…while experiencing the magic and wonder that comes from living on purpose.

Throughout all of the programs ancient Indigenous wisdom — revealed through the Native American medicine wheel, the Seven Sacred Principles of Self-Mastery and your Three Arrows of Power — is woven. You’ll quickly discover how to live your life on purpose. And you’ll get there easily, effortlessly — by living in harmony… with your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions.

There are 4 levels of Mastery available to you, each one containing programs that will help you to access the Power of your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions — while bringing your life into balance and harmony.

The programs for the first level are shown below:



Master the Power of Your Mind with the Miracle MindshiftMIND

Mastering your Mind is the foundation of ALL manifestation — including Money, Time, Health, Relationships … everything!

But there’s much more to it than positive thinking, affirmations and visualization: you need to know how to access the limitless power that resides within you … and how to put it to work for you so that your life becomes EASY and JOYFUL!

Just like a “Master Archer” you must first learn to quiet the Mind, and then you will discover how to consciously command your Three Arrows of Power.

You were not sent into this world to be punished, but to PLAY!

The quickest way to Master Your Mind is through the Miracle Mindshift — an easy-to-follow manifestation program that takes just minutes a day, yet creates profound breakthroughs. Are you ready to EXPECT miracles … in just 31 days?

In the next 31 days, by actively engaging in this process, you will become keenly aware of what has been holding you back — and how quickly you can move through it. Learn more …

Miracle Mindshift -- a conscious manifestation program with Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose


“Just as air is necessary to all living things, so is the Mind the focal point that breathes life into every vision.” – The TallTrees


Honor the Power of Your Body with the Manifest Abundant HealthBODY

Your body is the vehicle that encapsulates all cellular information and archives the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences that have brought you to this moment.

The Body is the single most important instrument for discerning your overall well-being. And through the body awareness you will develop, you’ll have boundless energy and vitality — which activates a powerful physical presence.

The spiritual energy that is channeled through the body is so bright and attractive, it causes people’s heads to turn automatically whenever you enter a room. Every condition needed for your Purpose is drawn to you.

Just like the “Master Archer” you must first make peace with, honor and strengthen the Body, and then you will discover how to consciously command your Three Arrows of Power.

Your body is the vessel that holds the key to your past, present and future.

The holistic way to Honor Your Body is through Manifest Abundant Health — a gentle health and wellness program that takes just minutes a day, but creates energy, vitality and a releases you from judgment and criticism so you can LOVE your body.

Are you ready to manifest abundant health? Learn more …

Manifest Abundant Health -- Reclaim Your Sacred Power: a wellness program with Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose

“Just as the Earth is home to all living things on our planet, so is the Body home to your soul during this earthly journey.” – The TallTrees


Awaken the Power of Your Spirit with The Journey -- BabamadizwinSPIRIT

Your Spirit is your direct connection with the Divine Source of your Being. It is the very essence of your unique existence, and this Inner Power is aligned with your Purpose.

Walking in grounded, heart-centered awareness, you can literally experience Heaven on Earth because your spiritual awareness is harmonized with your physical reality.

From this place, you begin to notice that deep connections are created with others automatically, without effort or pushing, bringing about greater results in all areas of your life in less time and with far less effort.

This type of success uplifts all of humanity, and all living beings everywhere.

Just like a “Master Archer” you must first awaken and be guided by Spirit, and then you will discover how to consciously command your Three Arrows of Power.

Your destiny and purpose reside within your Spirit.

The ancient indigenous way to Awaken Your Spirit is through The Journey — a program that puts you directly in touch with who you are, why you are here, and your unique life purpose.

Are you ready to create a life map that helps you fulfill your purpose? Learn more …

The Journey -- Lighting Your Path with Native Wisdom: know your life purpose, an experiential program with Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose

“Just like fire consumes, it can also dance with delight. Your Spirit is the essence of a ‘burning desire’ and intense light.” – The TallTrees


Harness the Power of Your Emotions with 3 'Deadly' Mistakes that Cause Stress, Overwhelm and BurnoutEMOTION

Water — a life-force in all Beings … is Sacred! — and causes ALL things to be placed in motion.

Emotion = Energy in Motion.

It is probably the most misunderstood power and can empower, or defeat, you.

Once this power is understood, you will accomplish every objective more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Emotion is the fuel that activates and ignites your vision, bringing it into realization.

It is through your emotions that you experience the flow of energy that supports and sustains you. When emotions are misunderstood or denied, great harm can come. However, when acknowledged, respected and understood, your Emotions can free you from lack and limitation.

Just like the “Master Archer” you must first learn to identify, manage and harness the power of your Emotions, and then you will discover how to consciously command your Three Arrows of Power.

The most effective way to Harness Your Emotions is through recognizing the 3 ‘Deadly’ Mistakes that Cause Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout — a program that reveals what is zapping your power and shows you what to do to get your passion back. Learn more …

3 'Deadly' Mistakes That Cause Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout -- with Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose

“Just as water can cut through stone, so can an emotion cut through a moment in time.” – The TallTrees


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  1. Monique Pasternak on Mar 16, 2018 5:45 pm |

    Amazing are those times we are passing through. I feel supremely HAPPY to be ALIVE as a true Human Being who is part of the awesome global transformation we are presently experiencing, a deep time of learning We each are God’s gifts to the world, free to expect miracles that benefit, not only ourselves but others as well – while We… well We… –simply and joyfully— live our individual sacred soul’s purpose, doing our part to bring Heaven on Earth… and in this connected way, change the world.
    i thank the Spirit who dwells in all….. and thank my Friends and Teachers, the Tall Trees who have brought us together. We are all One human and divine Family. : )

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