You’ve been LIED TO – and it’s causing you to feel stressed, overwhelmed and on the path to burnout…

You’re forever racing from one task to the next, and in the process, you feel like a human DOING not a human Being.


Effortlessly Master the Secret So Powerful That It…

Eliminates Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout
in Less than 5 Minutes!”

If you are like WAY too many people, you are probably experiencing life as a struggle.

  • Constant rushing
  • Losing track of things
  • Feeling “behind”
  • Being exhausted
  • Worrying at night and all day
  • Losing sleep
  • Never feeling “caught up”
  • Overwhelmed
  • Losing energy every day.
  • On the road to burnout… or maybe already there.

and you THINK you need more time

… but you’re looking in the wrong place for a solution.

TallTrees faviconFrom the Tipi of Robert and Terri TallTreeRobert and Terri TallTree

Dear stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted woman,

Boozhoo Niijii (Hello, My Friend),

Have you ever felt – or even said out loud – Is life always going to be this hard?

That is your spirit crying out for the life that is your birthright.

A typical day in the life of a busy person looks something like this…

  • Facing a LOOOONG to-do list that is so intimidating it’s almost frightening but
  • Trying to knock off as many items as possible, while
  • Rushing through the day
  • Feeling there are not enough hours in the day to get HALF of those to-dos done, let alone all of them, and
  • Going to bed every night tired to the bone,
  • Feeling pressured to do more, better, faster…
  • Tossing and turning all night
  • Waking up often
  • Feeling unrested and unrefreshed, and then
  • Waking up KNOWING you’ll NEVER catch up, because
  • Today’s list already has half of yesterday’s items on top of today’s
  • And it all seems so pointless
  • You yearn for purpose, passion and maybe even a little pizzazz…
  • But every day is just longer and harder than the one before it

That’s no way to live!

You began your life with joy and expectancy… now you feel exhausted, stressed and over-burdened.

You’re wondering – How did that happen, and is there anything I can do to get out of this rut?


The Truth About Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout will SHOCK YOU!

TIME isn’t the problem!


You think you need more time, or better time management. You think that’s 90% of the problem.

You’ve been led to believe that if you could just be more efficient, then you could get more done and that would make life better.

… but the truth is a much different story!


Because you can’t make more time.

Because doing MORE doesn’t cause better results.

(If it did, you’d be feeling exuberant and successful right now and not stressed and worn out!)

You already have a lot on your plate and get a lot done, right?

You already accomplish a lot each day – probably more than you know. And yet, you’re still feeling like a wrung-out rag.

Nobody can add more hours into the day to create time. You may wish it so, but that simply is not how the world works.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Is the dream of a more fulfilling life hopeless?”

If you yearn to feel good about your day and full of energy,

know that you CAN have that experience of abundant energy, vitality, and connection with those you love.

Yes – This could be the most important letter you will ever read,

because when you know the secrets to overcoming modern stress and overwhelm, it really IS possible to

Stop rushing.

Stop worrying.

Wake up rested.

Sleep soundly.

Have enough energy to get through your day.

Keep your smile.

Most people believe they’re stressed and exhausted because of not enough time, but the TRUTH is…

it’s more about how you manage your ENERGY than how you manage your time.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a perfect example.

The Story of Keeping the Fire

Keeping the Fire - 7 Tips to Eliminate BurnoutImagine you’re taking a fun break with your family or friends. You want a cozy campfire.

You stare at the ground and think about how nice a blazing fire would be.

One of your family comes up and asks, “Why are you staring down at the ground?”

“I’m thinking about a campfire.”

Do you expect flames to leap up out of nothing?

No. You have to start the fire and keep it going if you want to enjoy a fun evening with those whom you love.

Just thinking about a wonderful blazing fire won’t start the fire. Nor will thinking cause the fire to burn long into the night for warmth and enjoyment.

First – you have to prepare the way.

  • You select a spot.
  • Clear it.
  • Make it safe for the fire.
  • Gather kindling.

Without that preparation, you and your family and friends will never enjoy that meal followed by sweet s’mores as you talk, laugh and tell stories late into the night.

Once you’re prepared for the energy of the fire, what’s next?

You have to set the kindling to blaze in a particular manner.

If you put too many heavy branches into your fire pit, you will spend hours and hours trying to ignite it with little result.

You may get a few flickers of flame, but nothing sustainable.

You will pour effort into causing what is there to blaze when it is not possible, because you lack the correct balance of quick energy with sustainable energy.

If you forsake collecting branches and instead rush to create a huge blaze by pouring loads of newspapers into the pit with no branches, your fire will burn white-hot-bright…for a while. And then it cannot be sustained.

Your fire will be exhausted long before you can prepare your evening meal.

Your fire will turn to a pile of spent ashes in no time, because you rushed for a quick fix without considering sustainability of energy..

The wise fire keeper does things in a very different manner from either of the above examples.

This is ancient wisdom from our Native American elders that most people do not consider.


“Keeping the Fire”

If you acquire the right combination of kindling, with some heavy logs for sustainability, branches to hold the fire and twigs and paper to start the burning, your fire will keep burning bright long into the night.

You enjoy the act of building the fire, feeling the burst of energy as your well-formed fire takes light, settling into a lower but longer-lasting flame, and experiencing more than enough energy for your needs.

You have plenty of fire to take off the chill, cook the food, and enjoy good times and good energy with your friends and loved ones…

because you are keeping the fire in a wise and healthy way.

Ancient wisdom truly DOES have a powerful message that can change your life forever.

What is true for keeping a fire burning bright through the night is also the same for every living creature… including YOU.

It’s never about doing more, working harder or being more efficient.

It’s about allowing – not forcing.

And using powerful energy tips so simple you may at first not believe the answer is that easy.

7 Ancient Wisdom Secrets to eliminating stress, overwhelm and burnout from your life FOREVER.

You’ll laugh with joy when you master the 7 tips for overcoming stress, overwhelm and burnout in a program called “Keeping the Fire.”

These simple tips are Native American wisdom teachings from our Elders. Though the lessons come from the distant past, they speak to modern people just as strongly.

Think about this… if modern life were perfect in every way, you wouldn’t be feeling like a dog chasing your tail, putting out a ton of energy but getting nowhere fast!

The 7 tips inside Keeping the Fire empower you to ease up on yourself. As you keep yourself strong and healthy. As you keep your own fire strong, you are able to…

  • Gain simple, effective stress relief techniques you can use and even teach your children
  • Know the signs of stress warning you that you’re burning your candle at both ends
  • Be more present for your loved ones because you’ve finally mastered your stress.
  • Feel vibrant and healthy as you kindle your own fire.
  • Do more with less effort.
  • Enjoy life more because you have more energy and time.
  • Master your life.

It may be hard to imagine life being more manageable and more fun again, so…

Give yourself the gift of a tiny little mental vacation as you…


Imagine a time when you felt how good it was to be alive…


Bring your awareness back to a time when you felt good about life.

You may have been busy, but you felt fulfilled, grateful and in charge of your life.

When a challenge arose, you didn’t become paralyzed with anxiety. You simply did what you needed to do to turn that roadblock into a speed bump.

You smiled and laughed often.

You felt playful and saw humor even in difficulties.

Life was good.

You would LOVE to have that experience again… and now you CAN!


The answer to your burning (or burnOUT) question…

“How Do I Get Back My Life?” is here…

It hurts our hearts that you feel like you’re holding on to the ends of a frayed knot at the end of your rope. And you are NOT alone…

Life was NEVER meant to be that way! Feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed is NOT how the Creator made you to live.

So now, we bring you the wisdom teachings of our Native American ancestors in a program called Keeping the Fire.

Discover how to:

  • Reignite the passion and zest for life you’ve lost.
  • Experience the joy of connecting with the people you love in a fulfilling way.
  • Rid Yourself of the Guilt You Feel About Not Living Up To Your Potential.
  • Dig yourself out of this hole of helplessness and hopelessness you’re experiencing.

You have permission to release yourself from these burdens. Not because we or anyone else grant you some sort of boon – but because it is your birthright as a child of the Creator! “Keeping the Fire” teaches you to overcome the stress that you are feeling in your heart right now. That tight choked sensation you get when you are overwhelmed can stop you in your tracks.

What You Get

Keeping the Fire - SEVEN TIPS To Eliminate Burnout


KEEPING-THE-FIRE-7-TIPS-TO-ELIMINATE-BURNOUT-VideoThe “Keeping the Fire” Video puts you back on track for a fulfilling life of purpose.

You see and hear the 7 tips for overcoming burnout and so much more. The teachings are divided into brief segments so you can watch the whole thing or go through the teachings a few minutes per day. Either way is “correct.” Images captivate you while on-screen prompts keep the teachings at the front of your consciousness. That makes it effortless to make the teachings a part of your everyday life.



KEEPING-THE-FIRE-7-TIPS-TO-ELIMINATE-BURNOUT-WORKBOOKThe “Keeping the Fire” Workbook is an interactive tool based on accelerated learning techniques.

Because you watch and follow along in the workbook, you learn the strategies easily and effortlessly. This means you put what you learn into practice in your life immediately and begin seeing results. There are also powerful journal writing prompts to guide you deeper into the sources of stress and overwhelm and how to overcome them.




KEEPING-THE-FIRE-7-TIPS-TO-ELIMINATE-BURNOUT-CDThe “Keeping the Fire” Audio mp3 download is the video soundtrack, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

You can download it onto your mp3 player or cell phone, or play it in your car during your commute. Repeated exposure to positive materials is proven to improve results. Having the teachings in written, audio and video formats engages all your senses and is adaptable to whichever way YOU learn best.




We know that when you are ready to make a change, you don’t want to have to wait for a days or weeks for a package to be shipped to you. So you don’t have to! You will receive your “Keeping the Fire” complete set immediately after your purchase. And you’ll be able to watch the live streaming video and listen to the audio. PLUS you’ll be able to download the complete set: Video, Audio and Workbook with 30-Day Action Plan!


BONUS #1: “Ancient Wisdon Guided Relaxation”:

Ancient Wisdom - Guided Relaxation Audio by Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree5 minute “Ancient Wisdom Guided Relaxation” Audio mp3 download

Featuring the music of world-renowned Native American Flute Player, Robert TallTree, you can use “Ancient Wisdom Guided Relaxation” to instantly change your mood and state of mind whenever you need it.



BONUS #2: “Life Purpose Discovery Session”:

So what is a “Life Purpose Discovery Session”?
It’s a valuable one-hour personalized live session to help you:

Life Purpose Discovery Session1. Become aware of where you are in life, and

2. Where you want to go

3. and together we’ll construct a plan to get you there!

It’s recorded so you can use it to restore balance and keep your life on track, and it’s yours to use OVER and OVER AGAIN!

This Life Purpose Discovery Session is valued at $997 and it is FREE to youas a SPECIAL BONUS!


What “Keeping the Fire” Does for You

  • Identifies the warning signs of burnout so you know what to look for before your life spins completely out of control
  • Helps you understand what puts you at risk for burnout
  • Shows you how to avoid dangerous situations
  • Reveals “The Big 3” secrets to preventing burnout
  • Gives you a simple, proven relaxation secret weapon to eliminate exhaustion, stress and burnout immediately
  • You will have access to this tool the second that you make a positive decision to get back your life and bring this program home
  • The 7 tips inside Keeping the Fire work quickly – most of them in less than 5 minutes
  • You will understand with clarity how you got to where you are, so you never need to get back to this same place of overwhelm and stress again
  • Discover how to be in control again! Finally!
  • Develop a clear plan of action to make real progress in your life
  • The “30-day Action Plan” will guide you to walk a new path of ease and peace
  • Reignite your embers and allow you to experience the spontaneous enthusiasm and wonder that you had as a child
  • Tap into the passion you used to have where you believed that you could change the world
  • and you’ll realize how you make an impact in others’ lives

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

The information you’re going to receive when you invest in this program is life-changing. We meet so many people in our travels across the country who struggle with overwhelm and burnout every day. That is why we created “Keeping the Fire.”

School districts, corporations and companies nationwide have paid thousands of dollars to receive these 7 tips for their employees. Now, we can give you a little piece of “us” and our hearts in the comfort and privacy of your own home and car as we show you how to overcome stress and get back the joy and passion you once had in life.

You’re wondering, “How much for all that?

Your tuition – not thousands of dollars!

 Although it’s worth MORE than that, because your LIFE is worth more…

In our hearts, we know that our wisdom and philosophy are needed by millions of people who are struggling with pain in their hearts. And by the power of the internet, this program is available to you any time of the day or night at a significantly reduced price. It is like we are packaging up a little piece of ourselves as a gift just for you.

We truly have put our hearts into this program and know that you will feel our peace and hope for you as you experience it. The retail price for this program is only $797 $508. We know that you will use it over and over again. Just as your energy is starting to dwindle, you can pull out the “Keeping the Fire” Video, Action Plan or Audio. You get to bring home the “Keeping the Fire” package in immediate digital downloads for 4 easy payments of only $127


You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to this life changing program which includes:

  1. “Keeping the Fire: Seven Tips to Eliminate Burnout” 30-minute Video
  2. an easy-to follow Workbook and
  3. Your personalized “30-Day Action Plan”
  4. a 30-minute Audio PLUS
  5. BONUS instant download of the “Ancient Wisdom Guided Relaxation” audio — a $17 VALUE
  6. BONUS personalized “Life Purpose Discovery Session”a $997 VALUE

all for only 4 convenient payments of $127!

This comprehensive approach to eliminating overwhelm will ensure that you make significant progress in feeling on top of the world rather than smothered by it. So ask yourself…

What is peace of mind and freedom from stress worth to you?


You get…

Keeping the Fire - SEVEN TIPS To Eliminate Burnout

  • “Keeping the Fire: SEVEN TIPS To Eliminate BurnoutVideo (mp4)
  • “Keeping the Fire: SEVEN TIPS To Eliminate BurnoutWorkbook (PDF) that walks you through each step
  • “30-Day Action Guide” (PDF)
  • “Keeping the Fire: SEVEN TIPS To Eliminate BurnoutAudio (mp3) so you can listen anytime, anywhere
  • BONUS 5 minute “Ancient Wisdom Guided Relaxation” Audio (mp3) (featuring the original music of world-renowned Native American Flute Player, Robert TallTree) that you can use to instantly change your mood and state of mind whenever you need it
  • BONUS “Life Purpose Discovery Session”

We truly feel that we are all related and we want to make this easy for you so we’re offering you this entire program for just 4 easy payments of ONLY $127

You risk NOTHING!

The Live on Purpose Guarantee

Each of our products is lovingly created and painstakingly planned to maximize your experience. They are destined to become a treasured addition to your home or office. From the artwork to the products themselves each product must pass our stringent requirements.

More than time, we’ve invested ourselves in our products. And so we insist on only the highest quality. The Videos are meant to be a multimedia experience you’ll want to repeat over and over. The Audios are made with the highest quality audio, fashioned to retain their original quality for years. Workbooks are designed to be used, while also becoming a treasured addition to your library… one you’ll be proud to pull out and use — again and again.

We offer a 60-day unconditional guarantee on the quality of any of our products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, just call our toll-free number 800-592-7323 within 60 days of purchase. Our courteous staff will explain how you can return your purchase for a replacement or a refund.

We’re convinced that you will find that when you use the course you will be empowered to make change in your life and you will experience a sense of understanding and peace in your heart and mind.

Look – If you close this page and do nothing, you can expect to

  1. Keep being rushed, exhausted, and stressed.
  2. Keep feeling like the day is conquering you.
  3. Keep frowning more and smiling less.
  4. Keep being short-tempered or distant with your loved ones.
  5. Keep endangering your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more!
  6. Keep missing work because you feel so bad.
  7. Keep spending more and more for increased medical bills, missed work, or over-the-counter drugs.
  8. Keep putting yourself at risk for heart attack or stroke.

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself, and rekindle the flame in your heart. You are only a click away from regaining the passion you’ve lost and reclaiming the life you deserve.

Live on Purpose ... Change the World!

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.comGakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Robert and Terri TallTree



Creators of the Life Purpose Quest - Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

"Teach us love, compassion and honor ... that we may heal the Earth and heal each other." - Ojibwe

P.S. Give yourself the gift of your life back. Nothing will change unless YOU make it happen!

P.P.S. Don’t wait another day to experience increased energy and focus in your life. You’ll receive instant downloads of the video, audio teachings, workbook and 5 minute guided relaxation to start feeling more alive immediately.

P.P.P.S. Life is sacred and meant to be lived with passion and purpose. Welcome to your first steps to living with greater vitality, joy and peace. You can choose to live in freedom, passion and joy as you walk your journey on this sacred Mother Earth.