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Calling for a Sacred Vision ~ FREE Global Event

Calling for a Sacred Vision 2018 - a special global event, free to everyone from Chief Robert TallTree and his wife, Terri Lynn TallTree - Founders of

On Sunday, January 6th, 2019 at 11:11 AM (MST) we hosted a LIVE special virtual event, free to EVERYONE in the world, to call in a sacred vision for your life — and for the world — this year … and to help you receive guidance and clear direction to Live on Purpose.

The replay is shown below. Just click the “PLAY” button to watch. This is an interactive, experiential process. You’ll have a clear plan by the time you leave this event! We’ve prepared an extensive step-by-step Guide for you to use: CLICK HERE to get the Guide

The Guide is a goal setting worksheet. By watching and actively participating in the webinar, you will know how to achieve your goals. Please share it with your friends, family and colleagues:

Here’s What People Said About This Year’s VISION Event:

“(I AM committed to) Dance more to my own Song of Ecstatic Radiance. Taking away the joy and inspiration to get it done!”
– Cynthia K. from Chico, California

“Taking away so much positive energy and love spending time with light bringers Thank you so very much for helping spread the Love. Thank you Tall Tree and Terri for sharing all these nuggets and your time.”
– Song and Bob from Austin, Texas

“Thank you so much…really enjoyed..Good way start 2019.”
– Anne K. from Georgia

“This was FABULOUS, My Friends! Sweet song! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful hearts and teachings with us to begin this new year! Giizaagin niibowa – Love to All!”
– Breyeh F. from northern Arizona

“Thank you very much for your time and gifts. Leaving with purpose and hope.”
– Katherine

“So wonderful. Thank you, beautiful souls, for singing and laughing so joyously!”
– Cynthia G. from western Colorado

DID YOU GET THIS? This is an interactive, experiential process. You’ll have a clear plan by the time you leave this event! We’ve prepared an extensive step-by-step Guide, a goal setting template for you to use: CLICK HERE to get the Guide

More Praise for This Year’s Experience:

“So perfect! You make me complete. Megwetch!”
– Audrey G. from New York

“I am taking away my own personal bag of wonder seeds. Chi Megwetch.”
– Tom C. and Donna N. from Illinois

“Many, Many, Many, heart-felt Thanks. All my Love”
– Shelley B. from Ottawa, Canada

” Thank you with all my heart for your beautiful teaching!”
– Helen D. from Poway, California

Have you felt the chaos that seems to be showing up in the world around you?

Are you feeling a bit ‘adrift’ and out of ‘sync’ with your Self?

Have you been waiting for things to get better, and wondering WHEN that’s going to happen?

As we move into the Winter Season, we are focused on this new time … the Time of Rest and Renewal.

The great feast of the Winter Solstice is the doorway to this new season … recognition that our Brother Sun, who has slipped farther and farther below the horizon for these many months, begins his return.

It also marks the beginning of deepest winter in the great North Woods that are the ancestral home to the Ojibwe people. A time of deep snows, sometimes marked by bitter cold and howling winds … even Noodin, our brother the wind, is honored during this time.

Traditionally, this is a time when the veil between the worlds becomes very thin …

If you listen, you are given instruction and vision on what you’re being called to do. Assignments, creative projects, directions on how to grow and enrich your health, relationships, business … All these things are being downloaded by your Spirit from a very close connection with All That Is.

Often, that ‘download’ is very clear and complete – pictures, words, even entire passages for your support and guidance … so clear that you might think, “Oh, I’ll remember that so clearly!”

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. So it is important to record these gifts from the Universe … to give yourself memory triggers to serve you in recalling and using the details of the information during the coming year.

That’s why we’ve created this special event … for YOU!

You see, as you quiet your mind, focus on the path of your heart, it is easier to discover your inner stillness. From out of that stillness come your remembrances … and they open the doorway for your fingers, your eye, your voice … to capture your thoughts.

Once you have begun that process, your mind and spirit become focused in new ways. And the window of your heart opens to that cosmic connection to the Greater World.

This virtual gathering initially took place at 11:11am MST. You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW, right HERE, to have this experience yourself!

There is no cost to attend, nothing is being sold, and everyone is welcome. Please share this invitation with anyone you think will benefit.

There were offerings of songs, prayers of healing as well as sharing some of the ancient teachings about our relationship with wind, winter (Biboon) and the Season of Rest and Renewal to facilitate bringing in a clear vision for your life in 2019. Use this opportunity to:

  • Gain clarity about your highest calling
  • Become illuminated about your personal opportunities for 2019
  • Discover what to focus on in the New Year to receive support from forces both seen and unseen

Master Your MIND - the Power of WIND and AIR

This is a very relaxing and peaceful experience, much like a guided meditation … helping you clarify your hearts’ desires while living in harmony with the Earth and all living beings.

You may be wondering WHY we chose to do this on the Epiphany?

The meaning of epiphany is “manifestation,” “striking appearance,” and/or “vision of God.” It refers to:

  1. an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being
  2. a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something
  3. an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking
  4. (a): an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure (b) : a revealing scene or moment

We are now heading North … a time on the Native American medicine wheel that is the Season of Rest and Renewal. During this time we are in the Sacred element of Wind … which signifies that it is in your best interest to Master your Mind.

We’d love for you to use this experience for yourself! And please invite everyone you think this will resonate with to use it, too. Together, we can create a clear vision and intention for a healthy, happy, abundant and peaceful New Year!

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Thank you for joining us to Call in a Sacred Vision for your life this year. May you be blessed!

Live on Purpose ... Change the World!

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.comGakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Robert and Terri TallTree



Creators of the Life Purpose Quest - Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

"Teach us love, compassion and honor ... that we may heal the Earth and heal each other." - Ojibwe

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