Your LIFE is Calling! STOP Struggling to Survive and Live…on PURPOSE!

  Lori Daniel Falk - www.crystallineinstitute.comChief Robert & Terri Lynn TallTree

Hosted by: Lori Daniel Falk Guests: Chief Robert TallTree and Terri TallTree

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What if your REAL life (you know, the one you’ve been dreaming of) wasn’t just a dream. And what if, instead of working so hard to MAKE things happen, you could simply ALLOW the RIGHT things to happen that would bring you the freedom you long for? Find out how:

  • A ‘non’ painter’s art is transforming lives (Lori Daniel Falk)
  • A heart patient given a few months to live got a complete life ‘overhaul’ (Chris Downs)
  • A discouraged person with no money realized her life dream in less than 6 months (Margaret Mosier)

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right!” If’s that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

A more important question is, “Why aren’t YOU?” Well, it’s not your fault. You were conditioned to believe that you had to BE something you’re not, and you’ve been trying to fit yourself into someone else’s idea of who you truly are. The truth is, you were born for a purpose.

You matter!

You are destined for greatness, and the world has been waiting for you!

But to get there, you must align yourself with your unique life purpose. Ahhh…there it is. There’s the catch, right? How in the world do you find your purpose? You’ve been looking all over for it! And still — struggling! If you knew how close it is, you’d be blown away! It’s actually banging hard on the door — all day and all night, which is why you can’t sleep well and why the door keeps getting loose on its hinges. It’s nipping at your heels. It’s whispering in your ear. It’s tugging at your heart… When it’s time to take your last breath, this is the question that will haunt you:

“Did you do what you came here to do?”

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