Creates a MAJOR Mindshift in the next 31 days…are you READY?

If you said “YES!” your ‘Miracle Mindshift’ Can Start Right NOW!

Imagine If the Opportunity to Create a Very Powerful, Life-Changing Major Mindshift Was Standing in Front of You…

What Would You Do?

Robert and Terri TallTree A series of mysterious, magical things started happening a few days ago…

During a call with our dear friend, Don Osborne, he said something so powerful and profound. It was one of those statements that rings true and shifts your entire way of thinking about something.

Here’s what he said, Money is the expression of gratitude.”

Turns out he was quoting Fredric Lehrman, author of Prosperity Consciousness.

At the time, I had this strange feeling but couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

The next time our Abundance MasterMind met, as Don was speaking something tipped over and nearly fell off the bookshelf. When I walked over to straighten it up (and this is where it gets wild), it was an old cassette course called Prosperity Consciousness by Fredric Lehrman.

WOOSH! Suddenly it all came back…

In the 1970’s Fred had come to Milwaukee to present a workshop. He was a friend of a friend, and for 2 glorious days he presented thought-provoking concepts of how to transform your relationship with money and wealth.

Since then, our financial freedom is literally light-years away from what it was then…so,

Why would this all be resurfacing now? What were we supposed to do?

So we dusted off the cassette player (yes, we keep one for this very reason!) and popped in a tape. Of course, it was great…but that’s not all.

The Results Were Nothing Short of Miraculous

Over the next few days we were overcome with memories of how we’d applied certain simple practices — and how each time we’d done that the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Not once or twice, but every time! And it was fast…

Here are just a few examples:

  • from laying in a hospital bed completely paralyzed to walking out without assistance in 24 days
  • from being without any income to earning 5-figures a month in less than 90 days
  • from being overwhelmed with debt to paying off more than $70,000 in just over a year

That was it…it was time for another breakthrough and the “Miracle Mindshift” Month was created.

In less than 24 hours, after sharing it with a close, core group of our Advanced Mastery Students, people were asking if they could get in on it.

We HAD to Say “YES!”

How could we say “No”? Who could hold back something like this…it just wouldn’t be right.

When Linda says her first week was a “Mindshift,” her second week was an “earthquake,” and by the third it was a “tsunami” — she’s really not kidding! In her third week of the “Miracle Mindshift” she had a client she hadn’t spoken to in five months call her, out of the blue, with a list of 400 hot leads who were asking her to contact them. Her client said that the work she’d done on his business had created such great results that other business owners in his network had been coming to him and asking what he’d done to increase his business. He told them Linda had done it for him. She’s now setting up outsourcing to help her handle all the new business this is creating for her. Quantum shift!

Chris is an absolute inspiration! He went from being on a heart-transplant list to such dramatically improved health that he’s been taken off the list. But that’s not all… He’s gained a clear focus for his future, and redesigned his online business in just 31 days! Imagine what a relief it is to have attracted a partner who loves doing all the stuff that used to keep you stuck! In only a month he’s got a great looking website, his first product available for sale and now he’s able to spend his time doing what he loves to do, instead of struggling with the stuff he didn’t enjoy.

Dozens of Other Success Stories

Renee in Tennessee was able to ‘sock away’ $1800 extra dollars and take a trip she wanted to go on, but hadn’t been able to save the money for before the “Miracle Mindshift.” That was in addition to paying over $1,000 in back taxes!

And John C. in New York had been trying to sell a property for about 3 years, without any luck. The property had been tied up in ‘red tape’and, and no matter what he did, he had been unable to get it resolved. After just one week of participating in the “Miracle Mindshift” he got an intuition while doing the daily practice. He acted on it and contacted a person who knew exactly what needed to be done!

And just yesterday, Don in California: “What a coincidence! I opened the mail and found an unexpected check for $250!”

You Asked, We Listened

So we promised to make it available to family and friends…(and their friends, when they asked). That’s how you got here, and there are NO accidents! If you’re ready for a BIG breakthrough, then we invite you to join us to create your own “Miracle Mindshift!”

You Cannot Fail!

Rest assured, you cannot fail if you commit yourself and follow through with this program. SOMETHING is definitely going to shift. And that something, whether it appears to be big or small, will cause a ripple effect that will change your life forever. That’s a given…

But let’s be clear about something. This would be no good for you if, at the end of the 31 days, you thought WE had created the results you’re going to get. How could that possibly serve you? You’d be dependent on someone else to get what you want in your life…YUCK!

No, we won’t have it. This is a system for you to implement that puts YOU in the driver seat.

Aren’t you tired of wishing you’d get the financial freedom — or return to radiant, vibrant health — that you’ve been longing for?

Well, if you’re ready to take control of your life, and learn HOW your thoughts create your experience — and are willing to commit just one month to taking complete responsibility for your results…then you can EXPECT MIRACLES!

This IS what you’ve been waiting for! ($1,147 VALUE)

Miracle Mindshift - Expect Miracles! from Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of www.HowToLiveOnPurpose.comAnd you don’t have to go it alone, because we’ll be here supporting you every step of the way. You’ll receive:

    • “Miracle Mindshift Guide” Step-by-Step Instructions (What To Do and How To Do It) – available in IMMEDIATE PDF download so you can get started right away and you don’t have to waste another minute struggling
    • Daily Encouragement to help you stay focused – with laser-like intention to clear any obstacles that are keeping you stuck!
    • “Miracle Mindshift” audio message to help you SHIFT into positive, empowered energy and elevate you to your highest potential
    • BONUS “Day 32 and Beyond” — a full hour audio with specific advanced techniques

If you’re wondering if this is for you, ask yourself this:

“What if you were given the gift to change your life in just 31 days, with a proven process, a built-in support system, and it only cost you only $5 a day — and you passed it by?” Then a month later, looking back, you realized nothing had changed…you were still struggling with the same old, same old. You get the picture, because you’ve already been there!

Why wait for something to change? Do it NOW! Do it for yourself! You deserve it! Imagine what the real value of having a breakthrough right now is worth to you…would you pay thousands? Hundreds?  It’s worth that and much, much more. But it’s not going to cost you anywhere near that. In fact, it’s only about what you’d pay for a latte a day. Don’t let it slip away…start today!

For Less than a Latte’ a day — ONLY $147

$1,147 VALUE! Add-to-Cart Button


Live on Purpose ... Change the World!

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.comGakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Robert and Terri TallTree



Creators of the Life Purpose Quest - Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

"Teach us love, compassion and honor ... that we may heal the Earth and heal each other." - Ojibwe

 Click the PLAY button below to listen to a Radio Interview about Miracles!

Are you ready?

P.S. We are making no claims to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure you — and any financial claims made here are not promising or implying that you will have the same or similar results. But — and you need to get this— it’s MUCH bigger than just a legal statement here. The ONLY results you get will come as a direct reflection of what YOU put into it. We WANT you to succeed! Do this, and in 31 days you’re going to realize just how powerful you really are!

17 comments on “Miracle Mindshift — in 31 Days!

  1. I had spinal surgery in 1972. I woke up after surgery unable to walk…but, like you, I walked out of the hospital. I am pleased that you are doing so well…and…that you are giving back to the community. I recall working at a regular 9-5 job and barely being capable of making ends meet.
    My credit cards were maxed out with debts. Meeting and marrying my husband and starting our own business helped me to get out of debt and
    to purchase a home. Still, I sympathize with those who work so hard and seem to never get out of debt. We all need financial blessings. And when we do have an abundance to remember to give back to the community that helped us. Blessings and Good Fortune to One and ALL.

  2. Russell Wright on Jul 7, 2019 3:59 pm |

    I am in my in my 90s and the goal for sometime has been to be in my thoughts the person and abilitys god created not who I created. Well, I am feeling close enough to experience this reality by the end of this program. I know my purpose and in my opinion needs that no doubt total faith,all my needs are on the way, so live as if and leave results to the creator. Have been a wanna be for a long time your invitation is the open door. Thank you. Russ

    • Dear Russel,
      as with any adventure in a wilderness that you are not a custom to, a guide is always the best approach so it has been a honor following you and showing you possibilities.
      you are blessed to know your purpose and it is not many who realize that the outcome of every situation is already known by the Maker.
      the key thought here though is the choices that you will make toward the future will you slide into well known habits or will you strive to develop new habits.
      Our hope is that you chose the later.
      Because if you do what you have always done, You will get what you have always got.
      Banii Pii (Later)
      Ogima Conosemtig (Chief TallTree)

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