What if you could get MORE done by doing LESS?

“You have been Told a Big Fat Lie about Time Management …

and that lie is slowly killing you!”

Despite what they tell you about “time management” –

It’s not about working HARDER.

It’s NOT about working FASTER.

It’s NOT about doing MORE.

The Time of Your Life - How to Accomplish MORE by Doing Less from Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree, Founders of www.HowToLiveOnPurpose.com

Here’s what nobody tells you about managing your time.

The REAL Secret to mastering time is the opposite of everything you’ve always been taught.

You run around in a constant frenzy and make yourself nuts trying to DO more, because all the experts say you should work harder and do more in less time in order to be effective.

Everything you’ve always heard – and thus believe – about managing your time is only making you frustrated, exhausted and burned out.

You KNOW it’s true, don’t you?

Because if you were so relaxed, focused and on-purpose, you would be joyfully living your life purpose and not reading this letter!

You yearn to spend more time with the people you love doing what you want to do when you want to do it…

and yet, mastering time and living life on YOUR terms probably seems like the most unbelievable fantasy novel ever.  Right?

You want to believe it could happen to you, but it just doesn’t seem possible anymore.

How’s all that rushing, crunching and cramming working for you so far?

Does rushing around in a frenzied haze, going nowhere fast, sound like a quality life to you?

It certainly doesn’t to us!

It hurts our hearts to see someone as magnificent as you struggle – when we can prove it’s SO unnecessary! There truly IS a better way.

Life is not supposed to be a constant struggle or a burden that gets heavier every day.

From Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

Dear time-crunched seeker of freedom, robert and terri talltree

We’re The TallTrees, and for over two decades, we’ve taught people the ancient wisdom secrets – with a modern flare – to living your purpose in life.

We’ve spoken to thousands of groups of people from all walks of life…professionals, teachers, CEOs, and even children.

And when we see people like you rushing around and exhausting yourself all in the name of “Time management,” —

— it makes us madder than a swarm of hornets, because THEY (the media, culture, society) are feeding you lies!

The TRUTH about Mastering Time

It’s not about working HARDER.

Working harder just makes you that much more frustrated, exhausted, and burned out. Maybe you’ve already experienced this?

It’s NOT about working FASTER.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Haste makes waste”? There’s a reason that became a saying. It’s true. Rushing only means you spend more time going back to fix mistakes and fill in gaps.

It’s NOT about doing MORE.

Contrary to everything you’ve been told, DOING more doesn’t mean you get more done.

It only means you are creating more activity.

You know that in your heart of hearts, right? You only keep doing the same thing because that’s “what’s expected of me.”


You can stop and take a nice deep breath RIGHT NOW!

Go ahead… we’ll wait…

Come on —

inhale…exhale. Good.

Now Do it again for good measure …


May we let you in on a secret?

We’d like to share a secret with you. One that nobody else teaches. One that makes those who live it feel light and free – and one that REALLY works!

We’ve seen it in our own lives, in the lives of our customers, and in the lives of our Life Mastery students over and over again.

The best way to show you is to let Terri tell her story…

Terri-TallTree-CoFounder-HowToLiveOnPurpose.comI was lying in a hospital bed, unable to move – literally. All I could do was think.
Having all that time to do nothing except examine my life and vision myself healthy again, I began to realize that I had my priorities all wrong.

Yes – I was doing a lot of the things I supposedly knew NOT to do. I was pushing through, working harder, and trying to get more done…

Until I was lying in a hospital bed with no way out.

The doctors said there was a good chance I would never walk again.

And as I proved them wrong and used the power of my mind to heal myself, I realized where I and so many people, including YOU – go wrong –

When I realized how simple the answer was, I laughed with child-like glee.

I finally realized that the solution for getting my life back on track was forehead-smackingly simple The simple solution would work not only for me, but for…

  • all the people we speak to,
  • all the people we touch through our programs –
  • and now YOU!

We couldn’t keep this to ourselves.

We turned what Terri learned from her experience, along with ancient wisdom teachings from our Native American Elders plus scientific research on how the brain works, into a proven program for mastering time.

The surprising truth about Getting More Done

First, you’ve got to get “time management” out of your head right this instant. You can’t wrestle time into submission. You’ve already tried that, right? And it certainly hasn’t worked for you or anyone else.

All the to-do lists, day timers and calendars in the world won’t change the fact that you can never get back time. You can find a way to make more money or get more resources, but time, once spent, never returns.

The secret to mastering time is not about doing more in less time. It’s about doing LESS!

You’re probably thinking, “TallTrees, that sounds like a tall tale to me.”

Yes, it does. We understand. And yet it is absolutely true.

WOW! 1

The surprising secret of getting more done comes from watching nature

Does the grass struggle and strain to grow? NO!

Does an apple tree push harder to produce fruit for us to eat? No!

Does the corn stalk stress over how to get more done? No!

But you may be thinking, ‘Grass doesn’t raise kids, trees don’t have jobs, and corn doesn’t have bills!’ -–

in other words…

“That’s fine for plants…but what about ME? Can life ever be manageable again for ME?”

Ironically, although nature doesn’t seem to have a job, every living being has its “work” to do. Nature simply does it differently.

We humans are the ONLY living creature who has lost our way.

You struggle because you’re making a deadly mistake.

There are so many people and things demanding your attention…Smartphones can keep you hooked up 24/7. Then there’s email, texts, and more.

Negative news is at your fingertips any time.

You’re robbing you of your precious time right now

You are making one (or more) of these life-draining, time-sucking deadly mistakes right now!

Deadly Mistake #1 is the biggest of the big fat lies about time.  It’s something people strive to achieve but is costing you dearly.

Deadly Mistake #2 makes you seem as if you’re so responsive to people’s needs, and yet it makes you LESS effective rather than MORE.

Deadly Mistake #3 is like a slow leak. You may not notice its effects during the day, but eventually, you realize what you’re missing.

Doing any of these mistakes causes you stress, anxiety, and a poor quality of life. All can be overcome easily once you know how to make different, easy, freeing choices.

It’s true. The only thing standing in your way is YOU.

In order to get what you want, you must take control over your life. Nobody else can do this for you.

Let us show you what we mean with a little demonstration …

Will you take a little imaginary journey with us?

It’s actually a journey into YOUR future…

You are at a point of decision. There is a path to one side and a path to the other.

Peeking into the first path, you see frustration, rushing, and ultimately, hopelessness. You look exhausted. There are bags under your eyes, and you always feel as if you’re “behind.”

This is the path of Life As It Is Now. If you take that path, your life will be more of the same pushing, rushing, feeling trapped that you have now.

This “same stuff, different day” road is the path you will start living if you do nothing different and keep living life as usual.

YUCK! How depressing!

Life CAN be different!

Now – how about peeking down the other path. When you look into this possible future, you see and experience a very different life.

You see yourself smiling, laughing, and relaxed. There are no bags under your eyes. You look and feel rested. You’re in charge of your calendar, and life isn’t running you ragged.

You have a balance of work, play and personal renewal. You’re having the time of your life! And you look back and remember the day you made that one little decision that changed everything.

Is today that day – the day you decide to master the secrets of time so you can stop rushing and start living?

Before you can know the answer, you need to know what changes to expect once you take charge of time in a whole new way that does not involve rushing, cramming or pushing.

We would like to share with you the keys to mastering time. These keys, in the form of 7 proven time mastery techniques, have helped thousands of people live a life of purpose.

The 7 proven techniques are so powerful, they will revolutionize the way you think about time, and most importantly, the way you live your life.

7 SIMPLE Time Mastery Techniques are a click away!

We have such good news for you, because all these teachings are simple to understand and apply to your life.

In fact, we hope you will teach these secrets to your children so the next generations will not suffer as you are suffering now.

CheckmarkThe first proven time mastery technique shows you how a shift in focus empowers you to get more done with less effort. It gives you permission not to do something that probably bothers you anyway!

CheckmarkThe second proven time mastery technique will astound you, because it seems so counter-intuitive… The more you do this, the more you get done, and the less you do this, the less you get done. You’ll feel a sense of new-found freedom once you apply principle #2.

CheckmarkThe third proven time mastery technique shows you how to create a success track. This method in particular puts you in touch with the results of your decisions. Once you see how this works in your 28-day action plan, you’ll amaze yourself!

CheckmarkThe fourth proven time mastery technique makes prioritizing easy at last! No longer will it seem as if everything is a rush job. You’ll find yourself smiling more and hearing people comment that you look so relaxed!

CheckmarkThe fifth proven time mastery technique teaches you the single guiding principle that gets the most work done with the least effort. You’ll feel incredible as you apply this one principle and see how much more time you have in your day!

CheckmarkThe sixth proven time mastery technique brings home a principle you’ve heard on airline flights in a whole new way. You’ll feel like laughing once you give yourself permission to LIVE this way!

Checkmark The seventh proven time mastery technique shows you how to deal when the going gets tough. You’ll find this technique is something you will want to share with your children and grandchildren, because it will help them – and you – thrive.

It’s About TIME!

Until now, you had to experience these powerful time-mastery teachings in one of our live seminars, but now, because of the power of technology, we are able to bring what we have taught for over two decades into your living room with a program called “The Time of Your Life.”


This program is like having us right there with you, having a heart-to-heart conversation as we help you master time.

No matter how you receive and act upon information best, you have it in this program.

The streaming video gives you visual cues along with us talking to you. You may watch it as many times as you like as you follow and write in your workbook. And you can download it so you’ll always have it at hand.

You will follow along and write in your guidebook as you listen. Then later, you’ll respond to the journal writing prompts on each page.

And if you consider your car or phone to be your mobile university, then you will love the downloadable mp3 audio teaching, which reinforces the whole program. (It is the same teaching from the streaming video in “take it with you” audio form).

Following our clear and simple instructions, you’ll build a 28-day time-mastery plan. As you do, you’ll begin to notice yourself working with time in a whole new way.

With your 28-day plan, you will watch in wonder as you take charge of your time.

You will receive your program as digital downloads so that you can get started right now, today!

PLUS…Over a Thousand Dollars of BONUS Gifts for You:

BONUS #1: “Life Purpose Discovery Session”:
Life Purpose Discovery SessionSo what is a “Life Purpose Discovery Session”?
It’s a valuable one-hour personalized live session to help you:

1. Become aware of where you are in life, and

2. Where you want to go

3. and together we’ll construct a plan to get you there!

It’s recorded so you can use it to restore balance and keep your life on track, and it’s yours to use OVER and OVER AGAIN!

                This Life Purpose Discovery Session is valued at $997 and it is FREE to you as a SPECIAL BONUS!

You risk nothing…but before we share the guarantee, it is important to be sure this is the right program for you.

This program may not be for you!

We would never want you to invest in a product unless it is a perfect fit.

The program must truly solve a big problem for you – and it will, provided you’re the right sort of person.

This product is not for you if you…

1. Resist change.

2. Are not coachable.

3. Refuse to form and follow a plan.

4. Would rather whine than do something about it.

5. Are insane by Einstein’s definition.

If you fit any of those 5 descriptions, then close this page right now and go back to frenetically racing through life like you always have and always will.


if you’re ready to make a few simple “tweaks” to your life, then this program IS for you!

The program is $797 now only  4 payments of $127, and you can get started immediately!

Once you complete the transaction — You will get started IMMEDIATELY!

You receive

The streaming (online) video
that walks you through the 3 deadly mistakes that are sucking the life right out of you, the 7 proven practices to master your time, and more timely treasures.

You can also download and watch this video again and again to deepen your understanding and commitment to mastering your time.

The downloadable audio of the teaching
so you can listen to the powerful teachings anytime on your computer, phone or pod player.

Many people think of this as their mobile university.

A printable workbook
designed scientifically to enhance your retention and learning.

It includes a follow-along guide, journal writing prompts and action steps.

And we strongly urge you to print it and put it into a binder immediately.

You take NO risk!

When you make any purchase with us, you join our family. Everything we do is lovingly created and powerfully crafted with you in mind.

It is our heart’s desire that you have a powerful and transformative experience with this program The Live on Purpose Guarantee


Each of our products is lovingly created and painstakingly planned to maximize your experience. They are destined to become a treasured addition to your home or office. From the artwork, to the products themselves, each product must pass our stringent requirements.

More than time, we’ve invested ourselves in our products. And so we insist on only the highest quality. Our DVDs are meant to be a multimedia experience you’ll want to repeat over and over.

We offer a 60-day unconditional guarantee on the quality of any of our products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, just call our toll-free number 800-592-7323 within 60 days of purchase. Our courteous staff will explain how you can return your purchase for a replacement or a refund.

Think of the value of your time…

You can always earn more money one way or another. You can always find a way to get resources you need…

but there’s no getting more time.

Each day, the Bank of Time deposits 1,440 minutes on a “use it or lose it” basis. There are no “rollover minutes” to save for when you really want to savor them.

You get the same number of minutes each morning, and you start fresh each day.

You can’t buy more or borrow them.

And there are no roll-over minutes when it comes to the time of your life!

What would it mean in your life to be the master of your time instead of letting life master you?

What would it mean to feel rested, energized and fulfilled every day?

Here’s what one of our Personal Mastery Program participants has to say about The Time of Your Life Program:

Ronda Del Boccio“I’m known for getting a lot done, but even though I had a good relationship with time, mastering Proven Technique #5 saves me at least 1-2 hours of work every day. It’s wonderful having that time to enjoy. It’s like getting a gift every single day!”

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady, Ambassador of Inspirational Thoughts, HowToLiveOnPurpose.com.

Imagine adding an extra 60-120 minutes of precious freedom to your day. How would that change your life? You CAN have that kind of life once you master your time.

Valued at $797 this Time Management Course is yours for only 4 convenient payments of just $127 for a LIMITED time!

So here’s one last question…

How long will you keep doing the same thing over and over?

You are living Einstein’s definition of insanity right now…

doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result.

This should not be a news flash… If you want a different result, you MUST take different actions.

Ask yourself —

“How long will I keep running around in a frenzy, feeling overwhelmed, wishing someone would stop the clock?”

When you take an honest look at your life, you only have one choice that makes any sense

– to stop the insanity and make the decision that brings ease, sanity and freedom to your chaotic life.

The program is only 4 easy payments of just $127, a savings of $300 and you can get started immediately! As soon as your payment is complete, you are taken to a secure page to watch the streaming video and download the audio, video and workbook.

You’ll get your Gold Member Access bonus immediately, and soon, we’ll set up your Life Purpose Discovery Session!

Isn’t it about time?

Live on Purpose ... Change the World!

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.comGakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Robert and Terri TallTree



Founders, HowToLiveOnPurpose.com
Creators of the Life Purpose Quest - Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

"Teach us love, compassion and honor ... that we may heal the Earth and heal each other." - Ojibwe

P.S.  You can close this page right now and continue living at the mercy of your day planner – feeling rushed and overwhelmed – and dreaming of a miraculous rescue…

Or you can take control of your life right now and use our revolutionary system to master time.

It’s about time, after all!

P.P.S.  Remember, you’ll gain instant access to your program PLUS a Life Purpose Discovery Session, which is a personal conversation for your benefit (a $997 value) as our thank-you gift for believing in yourself.

P.P.P.S.  There’s really only one question left for you to answer for yourself today. Are you ready to use our 7 proven techniques and 28-day plan to take back your life?