Discover the 7 Signs to Tell If You — or a Loved One — are Experiencing an Entity …
and the Process for Dealing with It”

When Native elders speak of the Spirit World, they aren’t all airy-fairy, woo-woo about it. In fact, they have a real solid handle on it, and remain very grounded whenever discussing it. Most people find that very comforting …

Are Entities Real? Find Out!The subject of entities has come into our field of awareness not once, not twice, but THREE times in the past few weeks. Have you ever wondered:

  • Are entities real?
  • What are they?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do you know if you — or someone you love — has one?
  • How do you protect yourself from them?
  • How can you clear yourself or your home of them?

Because we’ve been taught to ‘Pay Attention’ to everything around us, we have been lead to provide some insight into the topic of entities and energy clearing.

So when we heard from Eram Saeed, Founder of From Heartache to Joy, then again from Debbie Fumanti, Founder of Love Your Life Experience, that they were both surprised by how many of their listeners from around the world were being affected and are struggling with this, we agreed to do an interview.

This compelled us to provide some assistance to those who are really trying to get their lives back on track. So we are offering something we’ve never done publicly before … an Entity Clearing audio to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

You’ll be able to get some direction — FINALLY!

On the ENTITY CLEARING Audio, you’ll find out:

spirit What is an entity? … Learn the truth
spirit Discover the 7 signs to tell if you or a loved one are experiencing an entity
spirit Why you might unknowingly be a magnet for an entity and what you can do about it
spirit And Much More … 








Do animals have entities?
Find out more about animal energy and their connection with the ‘unseen’ forces of Nature.

What are the 7 signs to look for if you believe that what you are experiencing is an entity?
It’s more common than you think, but a lot less scary. Plus, clearing yourself of unwanted ‘energies’ is easier than you might imagine … and that’s a relief!

Are there certain activities that people might be doing that makes them more susceptible to ’hosting’ and experiencing an entity?
You’ll be surprised how many people (maybe even you!) are doing this — right NOW — and have no idea that they are keeping themselves wide open for entity attachment. Find out what these activities are so you can make a conscious choice!

If you are not getting the results you want in your life could an entity be holding you back?
More likely than not, but not for the reasons you might think.

Find out why and what can be done about it in either the ENTITY CLEARING Audio or the Special One-on-One Session, by clicking one of the buttons below:


  • Specific Ways to Be Physically Present to Eliminate Entities
  • How to Ground Yourself to Avoid Entities
  • Techniques of ‘Closing the Door’
  • Practices You Can Do Daily to Renew your Energy
  • How to Maintain Purification of Your Body and Energy
  • Alignment of the 4 segment ‘Harmonies’

Chief Robert and Terri TallTree will be doing a Special cleansing and purifying on this audio that you can listen to over and over

And a Bonus on this audio we will instruct you How to do a Space Clearing for your home, so you can feel more joy, focus, love, safety, peace and balance

Entity Clearing - Group Call





PACKAGE B … Private Session With Chief Robert and Terri TallTree only $247.00

A private LIVE one-on-one session just for you with Chief Robert and Terri TallTree. Over the phone or Skype. (Value $997) PLUS The ENTITY CLEARING Audio … Package A INCLUDED (Value $247.00) Total Value $1,244.00

You may use this consultation to gain clarity in ANY area of your life. For example, You can ask about your life direction, or ask specific questions regarding career, your purpose, relationships, family matters, or other concerns. Or you may ask about dream/vision interpretation.

In traditional Native American culture, Robert TallTree is known as a spiritual interpreter. He is committed to helping people realize their True Potential.

The Mind communicates powerfully through symbolism. TallTree was trained to understand the meaning of dreams and visions and has a astonishing and profound gift of intuitive insight. You may find clarity for the next step forward in your future endeavors.

Entity Clearing - Special Offer Package B


What people have said about their Private Discovery Session with Chief Robert and Terri TallTree…

“You gave me such complete sacred attention and such deep unconditional love…. everything has changed for me…. I love you both!”

~ ~ ~

“I feel so much BETTER after our session in all ways! Your answers were spot on and I am doing the practice you gave me …. and it’s working!!! Thank you both!

~ ~ ~

“….I can’t believe that FINALLY…. with your guidance, I discovered my soul gifts!! I feel such a complete release… thank you Robert and Terri from the depths of my heart!”

 ~ ~ ~

“ Thank you, thank you, thank you! ALL of my years of emotional pain, just wiped out… in one hour!”

~ ~ ~

“Thank you so much words are not even enough, to say how much I love and appreciate you both for your loving energy, wisdom, and advice! Everything you shared with me resonated so deeply my spirit kept yelling, yes! yes! yes! How can you do so much for someone in just an hour boggles my mind….”

~ ~ ~


Healing_Flute_Meditation_Audio.jpgWhen you purchase Package A or B you will receive a Very SPECIAL BONUS Healing MP3 that will balance your energy AND allow healing to flow to exactly where you need it. (Value $47.00)

You have a front row seat as Chief Robert TallTree — nominee for BEST Flutist of the prestigious Native American Music Awards (NAMMY’s) — shares the intimate story of how he acquired this special healing flute.

You are invited into the ‘healing circle’ as he plays this special flute and Terri TallTree leads you into a loving guided meditation of healing, protection and peace.

Dissipate any stress, loneliness, or fear and know you are in this MOMENT of listening, held in deep love within this beautiful healing flute circle. You’ll leave the circle with a smile on your face.

Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders

Chief Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose are “Pathfinders Between Two Worlds.” They are Guides to Purposeful, Passionate and Conscious Intentional Living.

Chief Robert and Terri TallTree walk a clear path between the worlds of contemporary life and that of traditional Native American peoples of today. Discover how to Live on Purpose and experience spiritual transformation through the Ancient Wisdom they’ve been given permission to share.

The TallTrees bring a fresh voice and clear vision to who you are and what you can choose to become. They are living proof that miracles happen and dreams come true. Robert TallTree is a direct lineal descendant of Black Elk of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan.

The TallTrees are best-selling authors, peace advocates and world-renown recording artists. They have been teaching Native American cultural programs for more than 30 years, and have appeared on PBS, BBC, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.


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