2019 HTLOP Arising Moment LIVE Intensive Retreat -- Walk in the Red Road


Keeping in a constant state of Conscious Awareness … it’s not so easy. Why is that?

Well, you’ve got your attention pulled in many different directions. And there are many roles you play. Each of them demanding your attention …

That is why we come together for FOUR days of relaxed, intense focus.

       FOUR days of “doing” no-thing.

       FOUR days of perpetual BEING.

       Four exquisite days and nights where we touch the Earth and Walk in the Red Road!

During the Retreat, through study of the Ancient Wisdom of the Elders, you will open your “Inner Eye” that elevates you out of unconscious, automatic living — so that you may experience what it feels like to be in harmony, in conscious, intentional presence guided by your Life’s Purpose.

From nothing, you will call forth the magic of each moment in your life. You will discover that awareness is not just about “being present,” but about what you do with the energy that you access and give full expression to in each Arising Moment.

What You Will Gain. What You Will Lose.

During this four day live intensive retreat, you will:

  • Discover and practice your sacred relationship with your Self, the Earth and all living beings
  • Shed the illusions put upon you by your conditioning and your past experiences … releasing you from the shackles of mediocrity and settling for less than you are truly worth and here to experience
  • Be free from life’s suffering — no more seeking, no urgency to constantly achieve … replaced by the inspiration and confidence to express your unique self joyfully and abundantly

Your Guides

robert-terri-talltree-hi_res-croppedRobert and Terri TallTree — Founders of HowToLiveOnPurpose.com — Chief Robert TallTree and Terri TallTree bring 40 years of experience in personal growth and development through the Ancient wisdom of their Native American Elders. During the Retreat, The TallTrees will introduce to you what it means to be fully alive, and to walk on this Earth gently and in harmony with all living beings. Discover the deep meaning behind “The Three Arrows of Power,” “The Four Brothers,” and many other oral teachings handed down from Generation to Generation.

With humility, respect and joyful humor along with a tangible sense of the miracles, mystery and magic that surround you each day, you will come to know that you are always connected and supported by forces both seen and unseen. Like ‘coming home’ you will feel seen and accepted and loved exactly as you are.

Experience simple daily practices that put you — and keep you — in harmony with the Earth and all living beings.


Don_OsborneDon Osborne — As a lifelong student of Human Potential, Don brings a unique understanding and expression of human emotion, psychology and intuition to every group he works with. Don’s experience includes three years of intensive study with Peak Potentials, including a unique, 5 day retreat in which he studied directly with T. Harv Eker, founder of Peak Potentials.

Don wrote and led all of Kevin Wilke / Nitro Marketing’s live sales and personal development events, including Everyday Online Entrepreneur, Full Time Online, The Journey of the Enlightened Entrepreneur, and the Freedom and Passion Retreat. Nitro’s Local Marketing Live Event was based on programs written by Don. He is an accomplished trainer and has worked for the University of Redlands, the University of Phoenix, the Sandler Sales Institute, and The Princeton Review.



Where, When and How?

Where: Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the high desert in California

When: Thursday March 21st, 2019 through Sunday March 24th, 2019

How Much: $3,097; (accompanying spouses and business partners may attend for half price). Lodging and meals (and yes, they are DELICIOUS!) are included.

Registration is limited. Payment plans are available, upon request.

By design, this is a small, intimate gathering of like-minded folks who are committed to Self-Mastery and Personal and Planetary Transformation.

Join us if you are courageous enough to live with your heart wide-open, and ready to embrace the Arising Moment. Imagine living your life as if every moment was sacred, every step was a ceremony. Join us as we Walk in the Red Road!

YES! I want to attend!

YES! I want to attend!