Now You Can Experience This Powerful Ancient Wisdom Previously Known Only To Indigenous Peoples . . .

“When Was the Last Time You Felt …

When the Ancients spoke … we listened!

And in their vision there was Purpose, there was Power, and there was JOY! … The JOURNEY

In the ancient Ojibwe language, “Babamadizwin” – life is a journey of the soul, an adventure of self-discovery, an opportunity to explore who you really are and open up to the intricate wonder and limitless power that you are forever a part of.

Imagine . . .

Finding your place in this world . . .

Seeing clearly – without doubt – your purpose, your power and your destiny!

Having undeniably profound and moving transformational experiences

Connecting personally and deeply with Chief Robert and Terri TallTree

Learning to truly appreciate yourself … perhaps for the first time

All this (and MORE!) will be yours when you apply everything you receive in …

The Journey: 30-Day Guided Experience with Chief Robert TallTree and Terri TallTree, Founders of

Are you wondering why this is coming to you now … what are you supposed to do?

Now it’s YOUR time to LIVE … on Purpose!

The Journey: Special Offer $97

Wisdom from Indigenous Elders is simple, effective and life-changing

Activate the deep connection within your heart to all that exists

Understand how truly powerful you are and claim your undeniable authority to fulfill YOUR life purpose, leave a legacy and make a difference in the world

Plug into the Source of your passion, your innate intelligence, and the gifts you were BORN with

Your confidence, energy and commitment to be true to yourself (who you are truly meant to be) will be “amped” up in a BIG, big way!

Each day are you losing a little more of who you truly are?

“I know from experience what that’s like . . .

I’m Julianne Blake, and as a licensed psychotherapist for many years, I often lived from my head more than from my heart.

“After a serious accident and illness, I somehow lost touch with an essential part of myself. Then I met The TallTrees – Chief Robert and his wife, Terri Lynn – and experienced The Journey (Babamadizwin). It awakened something wonderful inside me . . .

“I’d been distraught by the lack of passion and enthusiasm. I struggled, missing a sense of connection to my own passion . . . and my dreams. In frustration, I wondered if I was depressed.

“Then I heard Terri TallTree say that because of the TallTrees’ studies with the American Indian Elders, people have moving transformational experiences through working personally with them.

“While spiritually open and deeply respectful, my psychologically-trained mind thought, “I know few – if any – human beings who could say that without an enormous ego trip.”

“Even though skeptical, I decided to read the eBook, seeing what it offered. Although the words did not seem either revolutionary or astounding, they were profoundly simple, authentic and deeply respectful – of their Elders, their Readers and themselves.

“Here is part of the letter I wrote to Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree . . .”

‘Within the first half page of reading I began to feel profound changes in my own being – simple but undeniable. My body – so frequently accustomed to pain, fatigue and discouragement – began to straighten and assume a different, stronger, more supportive posture. I have tried for years to do this without success. And now my body was doing it on its own, and deepening my breathing itself – effortlessly.

‘I feel calm and nourished. I am strong and feel deeply respected. I am hopeful and confident that I matter, and that my gift to the world will be delivered. I am happy and free in myself.

‘I am so different; I am the evidence. And I have only just begun the course, by sitting for a little while in that Presence and reading your simple, sacred, profoundly respectful words.

‘Thank you for teaching me to be.”

Julianne Blake, Ph.D. – “The JOY Doctor” #1 Bestselling Author

Can you imagine having an experience like that? It’s life changing!

So how about you?

Have you lost connection with your passion?

Maybe you accomplish a lot, but run out of time and energy for what you love most…

Maybe you’re efficient and productive but still feel exhausted, discouraged and lonely…

Maybe you’re good at your work but still feel like something is missing…

Today’s world taught you that dreams are all fluff and no substance . . .

And at some point, you started to believe it.

Society, your family, and culture tell you to think things through . . . do more . . . and try harder.

Over time, you begin to feel that there must be something you’re doing wrong, or not doing at all yet. There must be!

Both research and experience show that living only from your logical mind while ignoring your heart does not work well.

In fact . . .

Trying to live the way today’s world would have you live may even keep you stuck in a holding pattern of non-productive behavior for long periods of time.

“Many times, it is our emotions that blind us to our destiny.”

This quote is from one of the TallTrees’ American Indian Elders.

Profound isn’t it?

Let me quote Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree . . .

“The only way a person can find their true destiny is to realize that they deserve the best the world has to give. You cannot receive if you do not believe that you deserve it.”

This IS what you’ve been waiting for!

The Journey: 30-Day Guided Experience with Chief Robert TallTree and Terri TallTree, Founders of

And you don’t have to go it alone, because we’ll be here supporting you every step of the way.

Chief Robert TallTree and his wife, Terri TallTree, designed this 30-Day Guided Experience Program based on American Indian Wisdom teachings given to them by their Elders.

They have special permission to share these teachings in “the hope that they will be used as tools to help understand and relate to the many complicated events that confuse and immobilize humanity.”

In The Journey, rather than trying to think more or work harder, you discover elegantly simple ways to clear the mind and “look within your heart-mind to where your power begins.”

This is how you rebuild the connection between your mind and your heart. Only with that re-connection can you clearly see your purpose again!

Value: $1,110

The Daily Guidance – on each of the 7 Sacred Teachings, helping you make the connection in your own life Daily Audio message – to keep you aligned with the energy of the Sacred Circle (30 MP3 Downloads) Log in to the Journey members-only “Journey Daily Guided Experience” page and listen to your daily focus. All audio messages can be downloaded.

Daily Message keeps you attuned to the subtle, yet profound energy!

Private Members Area – where you can ask (and get personalized answers to) your most challenging and important questions

The Journey eBook (PDF download)

7 Sacred Teachings – moving you from chaos to clarity and from frustration to flow.

Your Action Guide – making these teachings part of your everyday life.

A 7-part course – breaking your journey into “bite-sized” lessons making sense to both your logical mind and your spirit.


The Journey: Special Offer $97


CLICK HERE to Begin Your JOURNEY -- ULTIMATE 30-Day Guided Experience with The TallTrees

Get Option B: “The Journey ULTIMATE Package” with EVERYTHING in “The Journey Package” above … PLUS:

Journey-Audio-Plank-966x163Value: $776

The Journey Complete 8-Part Advanced Audio Library

In this Complete 8-Part Advanced Audio Library (MP3 downloads), each segment of The Journey program is delivered using Oral Tradition, with in-depth description only available in The TallTrees’ advanced-level “Mastery” program (peel back the curtains to the inner teachings like never before!)

When you receive the teachings in the oral tradition in which we are trained, you deepen your experience of each and every lesson.

The JOURNEY Complete 8-Part Advanced Audio Library consists of 8 full-length audios (MP3 downloads) …each more than an hour long and they were designed to enhance the written teachings.

INTRODUCTION. Babamadizwin – The Journey
PART ONE………… What If You Could Change The World?
PART TWO……….. The Courage To Stand In Your Own True Light
PART THREE……… Finding Your Place In This World
PART FOUR………. Identifying Your Purpose
PART FIVE………… Accessing Your Power
PART SIX………….. Claim Your Destiny
PART SEVEN……… What Will You Do to Make the World Beautiful?

Claim these 8 audio teachings instantly and play through these as you do the matching guided lesson in The Journey eBook and Action Guide. You’ll be guided through the Journey of your life, through creating your Life Map, and through your self-discoveries.

You’ll be able to carry these teachings with you in your mp3 player or to play them while you work, drive or even sleep. And right now you can receive this extensive 8-Part audio course (valued at $776) when you select this ULTIMATE Journey Special Offer Package!

You will listen to these teachings again and again as you continue along your Journey.

  Expanded teachings in the Native American Wisdom Oral Tradition

  Recognize the 7 Sacred Directions and how to connect with them

  Discover how they show up in your life, and how to call on them when you need their assistance

  Special Guest Appearance with Clan Matriarch ‘End-of-Day Woman’ – listen as this revered Anishinaabe Elder shares her wisdom and courage

LPDS-Private-Consultation-Plank-966x163Value: $997

Private One-on-One “Life Purpose Discovery Session”

Get a Private Consultation -- with Chief Robert and Terri TallTree
So what is a “Life Purpose Discovery Session”? It’s a valuable one-hour personalized live session to help you:

  Become aware of where you are in life, and

  Where you want to go

  and together we’ll construct a plan for you to get there!

It’s recorded so you can use it to restore balance and keep your life on track, and it’s yours to use OVER and OVER AGAIN!


CLICK HERE to Begin Your JOURNEY -- ULTIMATE 30-Day Guided Experience with The TallTrees

If you’re wondering if this is for you, ask yourself this:

“What if you were given the gift to change your life in just 30 days, with a proven process, a built-in support system – and you let it slip away?”

Then a month later, looking back, you realized nothing had were still struggling with the same old, same old. You get the picture, because you’ve already been there!

Why wait for something to change? Do it NOW! Do it for yourself! You deserve it! And you have NOTHING to lose.

What People are Saying About The TallTrees and ‘The Journey’…
“Chief Robert and Terri TallTree take you in and ‘Love You Up’ and you may not even be aware it’s happening!”
“When you take The Journey you don’t just get downloads….you get to spend ‘real time’ with The TallTrees’ in the private session with them as well as talk with them on the weekly calls. And before you know it, almost like magic- – – you look around your life and notice things are changing AND things have changed! Your intuition will be sharper, undiscovered talents come to the surface, or long forgotten dreams get ignited, you get excited, delighted and energized. Your Life can change so easily from chaos to clarity — and even depression moves into specific forms of connection and actualized passion. Universal secrets whisper in your ear as you become more astute at reading signs, energy, people and situations.”

“When you embark with the TallTrees’ on The Journey you experience your life opening up into greater and greater levels of living more continuously and effortlessly in higher frequencies, experiencing brighter happiness, joy and feelings of elegant ease as you find yourself riding in a protected energy current, plugged-in, fully engaged and awake.”

“Something very powerful and positive definitely happens when you decide to take The Journey and you come into the positive and very authentic Loving and Wise force of the TallTrees’ inner circle. You become ‘family of the heart’ and your life will never be the same.”


I have never experienced anything like this before

“After downloading and just skimming only the eBook, and not doing any of the practices, I thought to myself… ‘oh this is nothing.’ Yet it seemed to leave almost an energetic imprint after I closed the book… like a long forgotten missing and important truth reemerging. I feel like I am being called back in by divine invitation. I have never experienced anything like this before.”

I couldn’t help but notice something was different

“Last night I was involved with The Journey. Today, I woke up like any other morning. Yet I couldn’t help but notice something was different. I felt more energized, not in a frenzied way but in a sharper, clearer way.”

I feel something almost magical is happening in my life

“I only have started on The Journey and I already came up with several money making ideas this morning, just while having breakfast. I feel something almost magical is happening in my life, yet it’s hard to put words to explain. I feel like unseen forces are beckoning me to keep going and are smiling at me…like finally! She’s here. she’s now ready for life to open up in a big way for her great good.”

Will YOU Be the Next Success Story?

The TallTrees and The Journey are Transforming Lives

“Wow! I’m an artist. Not only that, I’m a visionary artist. How I got here is as big a mystery to me as it is to anyone?

With no formal artistic training I have created art that has been so well received it has found homes in over 20 countries around the world.

I spent most of my adult life living someone else’s idea of who and what I should be. Today I’m no longer living someone else’s version of reality; I’m living mine. and it is, as Robert TallTree said it would be, filled with joy!”

~ Lori Daniel Falk World-Renowned Visionary Artist

You Will Experience the Waking of Slumbering Gifts and Latent Talents

“Their special ability to really SEE YOU will open up something within you, long forgotten deep inside your heart. When you embark on taking The Journey you will find yourself for no logical reason, suddenly smiling more, loving yourself and others more. Your ideas, insights and intuition will be greater. You will experience within you, the waking of slumbering gifts and latent talents.

Suddenly you are not sure how; but you are receiving uncanny new and helpful resources and connections..All the while this is happening you will start noticing that you are organically opening into new portals of even greater potential. And ALL this happens without you forcing it or engaging in any deep struggle.”

~ Debbie Fumanti The “Love Your Life” Passionista

Stay Present to Your Awakening – They Are the Most Spiritually Connected People You’ll Ever Meet

“Maybe you’re like me, and the terms ‘mastery’ and ‘life purpose’ are tossed about way too much for your liking.

“Or maybe you’ve experienced so much scatter, confusion, chaos and anxiety — with lots of unanswered questions about “who am I?” and “what am I here for?”

“Robert and Terri Talltree are generous beyond words, compassionate, gentle. With their help, you will find yourself, your life, your calling. You will experience “all of it” – every breath, every moment. Spend a few minutes with them, and you will want them to be in your life forever.

“Now, open your heart. Listen. Robert and Terri will help you stay present to your awakening, because they are the most spiritually connected people you’ll ever meet.”

~ Don Osborne Personal Development Trainer

Achieved an ‘Impossible’ Dream

“My husband and I have been working with The TallTrees for over a year. In that time I have learned to take some chances.

Just opening up to possibilities, it’s amazing how much has changed in a year, and how much I expect to change this next year.

It’s wonderful to have a family that’s adopted, which is what I feel about this group.”

~ Margaret Mosier Attorney

Connection to the Sacred and Divine is Stronger and More Clear than Ever Before

“My Life Journey had progressed from one where I ‘thought’ I was in control, to one where I knew I was not. Nothing major or catastrophic, just a gradual drifting that I could not define, and so could not find a way to halt or shift it.

While I’m very good at helping others.I seemed to be at a place in my life where I lacked the tools to define, or replot even some of the most basic points of my own life and travels. I had been feeling so limited, closed in … without a clear direction to find or follow.

When I first was introduced to The Journey course.a teaching from Part One began to resonate with me: “When you see things in life as interconnected, you begin to restore balance.”

I realized that I’d been looking outward and seeing connections, but that I’d somewhere stopped seeing how I was connected.

As the teaching continued, “… you aren’t doing anything about it; but your perspective has changed. So balance comes easier with this first recognition.”

Yes … my increased focus was creating a balance. Slowly … I once again began to be aware of myself as a part of the connections. As the teaching continues, “You are on a new journey of life … a path of possibilities. … You can … bring yourself in closer relationship with all living beings, and in direct contact with living your life on purpose.”

And so I have been. I am fascinated with The Journey course and its teachings — reminders, lights for the pathway, patient messages.

My possibilities are wonderful! Here are some of the things following The Journey has caused in my life:

  • I see myself in the circle now!
  • My confidence level has steadily risen, allowing me to seek new opportunities for myself, and to work with others in new ways
  • My inner balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit is stronger and more stable — and I can more easily recognize those characteristics in others
  • I feel a faith connection to the sacred and divine that is stronger and more clear than ever before
  • I experience a level of and ability to express trust that I didn’t realize I had been missing
  • My life purpose is still a journey, but NOW one with purpose clarity and definition
  • My heart is once again open to joy and a love of experience … though I had never been conscious of having closed it
  • I am truly present, aware and open to both giving and receiving the gifts of my journey!

My journey continues to be fascinating, filled with wonder and joy. Truly, Today is my PRESENT! I am joyful! I am glad!”

~ Debora Hood Communications Specialist

 Touches Me On Such a Deep Level.

“The Journey (Babamadizwin) touches me on such a deep level that tears come to my eyes whenever I think of the teachings and how much my life has changed because of playing with the course materials.

I highly recommend this program and anything The TallTrees create for anyone who wants to cherish every moment of your life as you joyfully hurl yourself in the direction of your dreams.”

~ Ronda Del Boccio #1 Best-selling Author and Mentor

Whole Life Overhaul: The Doubt that I was Holding Onto Has Faded to a Whisper

“I have had a miraculous physical overhaul of my Mind, Body and Spirit! I have gone from being lost in the wilderness, fear guiding my I am on the journey of my choosing!

Now I wake up knowing that my choices make a difference to many. I live in BLISS! My Power has been transferred back to me, rather than others.

Thank you, Chief Robert and Terri. I am grateful beyond words. You have given me back my value. I am unique and blessed, while being able to make a difference in this world.”

~ Chris Downs Environmental Steward / Permaculture Expert

Chief Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of How to Live on Purpose are “Pathfinders Between Two Worlds.” They are Guides to Purposeful, Passionate and Conscious Intentional Living.

The TallTrees bring a fresh voice and clear vision to who you are and what you can choose to become. They are living proof that miracles happen and dreams come true. Robert TallTree is a direct lineal descendant of Black Elk of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan.

Chief Robert and Terri TallTree walk a clear path between the worlds of contemporary life and that of traditional Native American peoples of today. Discover How to Live on Purpose and experience spiritual transformation through the Ancient Wisdom they’ve been given permission to share. Learn how your Three Arrows of Power are the key to consciously manifesting your destiny and launching you purposefully into designing and living the life of your dreams. The TallTrees are best-selling authors, peace advocates and world-renown recording artists. They have been teaching Native American cultural programs for more than 30 years, and have appeared on PBS, the BBC, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.
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