Do you remember hearing as a child, “Be careful,” when you would venture into something new? Perhaps, “Go slow; don’t fall down,” as you were learning to navigate new territory … or even the basic, “Don’t hit your brother (or sister)!” at various times?

It’s interesting that WORDS directed your ACTIONS then, isn’t it? Of course, words still are such an important part of your life. But words without thoughts to precede them, and actions to follow them, are simply noise.

The Native Elders teach that the combination of THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS are, together, the Three Arrows of Power™. The three most basic, and most powerful things you can DO as a human BE-ing!

There are so many cautions, rules, restrictions presented to you in the dominant culture … from the time you are small, right on through adulthood. You still hear, “Be careful,” when you venture into something new. You still are told, “Go slow,” when you move into a new business or career — or relationship — area. So many words have such impact on your ACTIONS!

Do you find yourself sometimes taking NO action, for fear of taking the WRONG action? Getting into that fear mode, where you may feel like the rabbit hiding from the piercing gaze of the hunting eagle … that’s not how you were created to live!

The elders in your life wanted to keep you safe, or they guided you to the best of their ability, but not to the celebration of YOUR ability. It’s okay … now YOU are in charge of your actions! You can choose … with thought, with conversation … what actions feel right to you!

Consider this week’s quote:

A child believes that only the action of someone who is unfriendly can cause pain

You were created to be a human BE-ing, who applies your Three Arrows with care, but who DOES things with your life! Who takes risks sometimes … who enjoys coming back to places and activities beloved in the past, for the pleasure of experiencing them again … who knows how to ‘go slow,’ and ‘take care,’ but who has Courage, and goes forward in that courage, taking new Actions.

You were created to embrace your gifts! That’s taking Action!

In this opening week of April, when the land reawakens from its Winter rest, when the birds gather and celebrate each day … you are focused on the Sacred Direction of the East — on the Sacred Principle of Courage, and on the Actions which are necessary for you.

Would you like to explore your Actions more fully? Perhaps you’ve used other How To Live On Purpose programs, but would like to refresh yourself in this new season …

One of the most powerful teachings of our Elders, which was gifted to us with permission to pass on to you is The Journey — Babamadizwin. You may have begun your own Journey … in “The Journey — Babamadizwin: Lighting Your Path With Native American Wisdom™.”

If you haven’t yet explored your own Journey  … becoming aware of your own gifts in your Thoughts, your Words and your Actions … would you like a guide … a process … to help you discover … RE-discover your True Self? Would you like to learn even more about how to enrich the journey of your life?

Even if you have taken the earlier version of the Journey program, perhaps you feel ready to explore more deeply, discover new layers to your Self, your gifts. You are in the perfect place … this is the perfect time!

The Journey is an extraordinary, 30-day walk with your own life, to celebrate your own light. And each step on your path is supported, guided … so that your outcome is to discover, perhaps for the first time, how extraordinary you really are!

If you are currently participating in The Journey Guided Experience, you know that powerful changes can occur from seemingly small actions. You are learning about discovering your power … about finding your True Self.

This completely NEW, expanded and enriched program from How To Live On Purpose, is based on the core teachings we’ve received directly from our Elders — and have been guided to pass on to you, so that you truly are living your life … On Purpose!

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Live on Purpose … Change the World!

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),
Robert and Terri TallTree
Creators of the Life Purpose Quest – Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

“Teach us love, compassion and honor … that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe

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