If you’ve been a member of the How To Live On Purpose community … tribe … for a while, you know the importance our Elders, who are the source of the teachings we share with you, place on the Three Arrows of Power™.

If you are new to our tribe, you are here because you found … perhaps after much time of searching … a connection, a feeling of place and comfort and excitement, at How To Live On Purpose. Welcome!

Our Elders taught us and gave us permission to share their powerful messages. We are your guides to learn of these three powerful inner tools for personal growth and self-awareness — your thoughts, your words and your actions. Whether you always have control of your outer circumstances or not, you ALWAYS have the choice of complete control over your Three Arrows.

Throughout their lives, many people are taught to feel that their thinking is directed by someone else … or that the way they think is in response to someone else. The words they use are repetition those spoken by someone else. Their actions, they believe, are because of what someone else has done.

People who believe those things tend to blame others for their place in life, for what happens to them, for the ways they respond to the world … and they never become aware of themselves and their own power.

They never discover that they have unique gifts and talents, given them by the Creator, the Great Mystery. They see themselves as a reflection of those “others’ they blame.

Consider … this week’s quote:

People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves

Your self-awareness is your most valuable gift! With it you CHOOSE the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the actions you take.

And, as our Elders have made so clear to us during Dreamtime … your most important ACTION is to love yourself.

Begin by … liking yourself for a while, they tell us. Then … like yourself some more.

Know that you ARE the essence of all that can be! This is the strongest action you can take!

But, because you have been taught to be a human DO-ing, rather than a human BE-ing, it may seem unfamiliar to feel that way about yourself … let alone begin to take ACTION on that!

Learning to LOVE yourself … to take that powerful action … and support it with your thoughts and your words … requires conscious awareness. It’s time to lay down the burden you’ve carried, perhaps for many years — of being what someone else thought you “should” be.

One way to learn to let go … and to find your SELF … is by exploring who YOU really are! Seeing yourself from a new perspective, in a new light.

The Journey — Guided Experience™ is one way to give yourself a gentle nudge … and some time and space … to learn about your True Self.

If you’ve been a member of the How To Live On Purpose tribe for a while, you may have used our eBook, “The Journey: Babamadizwin.” It is now the centerpoint of a rich, supportive 30-day guided process in discovering … re-discovering who YOU are.

Even if you have taken the earlier version of the Journey program, perhaps you feel ready to explore more deeply, discover new layers to your Self, your gifts. You are in the perfect place … this is the perfect time!

The Journey is an extraordinary, 30-day walk with your own life, to celebrate your own light. And each step on your path is supported, guided … so that your outcome is to discover, perhaps for the first time, how extraordinary you really are!

If you are currently participating in The Journey Guided Experience, you know that powerful changes can occur from seemingly small actions. You are learning about discovering your power … about finding your True Self.

This completely NEW, expanded and enriched program from How To Live On Purpose, is based on the core teachings we’ve received directly from our Elders — and have been guided to pass on to you, so that you truly are living your life … On Purpose!

Learn more here:


Remember … Loving YOURSELF is the strongest action you can take! You have all the tools you need within yourself. It’s YOUR time to find them … to learn to use them … to find YOU!


Live on Purpose … Change the World!

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),
Robert and Terri TallTree
Founders, www.HowToLiveOnPurpose.com
Creators of the Life Purpose Quest – Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

“Teach us love, compassion and honor … that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe

P.S. Wisdom Wednesday is your weekly connection with the world-wide How to Live On Purpose community. These weekly messages are intended to help you center yourself, focus your thoughts, and be more aware of being in the present moment so you can Live On Purpose every day!

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