What will you take with you in your Medicine Pouch?

If you’ve been part of the How To Live On Purpose community … tribe … for any length of time, you’ve heard us ask that, as part of the weekly Voyager Gold calls, with the Self Mastery group, and in other ways we communicate with you.

Asking that question is a way to ask you, “What are you getting out of this conversation? What resonates for you? What will you DO as a result of it?”

Thinking about information is part of it. Listening to words of description or inspiration is part of it. Taking ACTION … whether that is physical action or action of thought, or action of word … is the emergence of your growth toward being a Master Archer.

When you combine those three parts of the whole, you are using your Three Arrows of Power™.

You are becoming more aware in each of those three ways. You are BE-coming a Master Archer!

THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS are always connected

What ACTION you choose to take is entirely within your control, regardless of what others think or say.

When you are in power for yourself, you are AWARE, in entirely new ways … of your own impact.

Becoming self-aware at such a deep level means moving aside from ego … letting go of old habits and limitations that have become too small for you.

What power you have … over yourself!

So … what will you take with you this week? How will you practice your “marksmanship” skills with your Three Arrows?

The choices are yours … the results from those choices are like ripples on still water. They will keep moving outward. Your impact will be felt in ways far beyond what you can imagine!


Live on Purpose … Change the World!

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),
Robert and Terri TallTree
Founders, www.HowToLiveOnPurpose.com
Creators of the Life Purpose Quest – Seven Rites of Passage
Guides and Mentors for Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation

“Teach us love, compassion and honor … that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe

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