Where is your intention?

Yes … ‘where’ — not ‘what.’

Many people see their intention only as a destination … a place they hope to arrive ‘at.’ They miss those spiritual road signs along their path that show them that their intention is … within.

How you think becomes how you are … how you speak, how you act. How you look at your life and all it holds. Your intention is the outcome of your focus.

This week’s quote:

Silence is the absolute poise balance of body, mind and spirit

Your intention is not ‘out there’ somewhere … it is within you.

The Elders teach that your THOUGHTS are vital — your first Arrow of Power™. But, how do you “attend to” your thoughts?

Oh, that’s a GREAT question to live in …

Your thoughts can come from random access … old conditioning … past experiences — like seeds carried on the wind.

Or, they can be intentionally planted. You become the gardener of your mind … when you tend your thoughts and focus on the positive in your life… on that which is possible — you feel empowered. And, in fact, you become empowered!

So often, people feel frustrated with getting inconsistent results in their life. They haven’t yet mastered the connection between what they think and what they experience. But it really is EASIER than you think! (That is, if you know HOW …)

Would you like to receive guidance through a step-by-step process that will help you better attend to your thoughts, and to recognize how very powerful YOUR mind already is?

The Miracle Mindshift is a simple, 31-day program that helps you focus the power of your mind, and to tend the garden of your thoughts to realize the harvest you deserve.

Even if you have ‘done’ the Mindshift before … its simple actions and powerful focus techniques help you discover … or RE-discover … the POWER of your mind!

What if it really IS easier than you … think?

Check out this link to learn more:

⇒ http://howtoliveonpurpose.com/miracle31


Live on Purpose … Change the World!

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“Teach us love, compassion and honor … that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe
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